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Boasting over 2 million holiday rentals, Vrbo offers holiday-goers a connection with bookable properties for those looking for something other than a hotel. Within the Vrbo community, you’ll find lodges, cabins, houses, condos, apartments and more, so you can have the ideal property for your trip to top destinations across the globe. Whether you need accommodation in the city or you’re looking for a scenic property off the beaten path, you can search and book your holiday rental securely and conveniently with Vrbo. Just take a look at the properties available in your holiday destination and you’ll see a range of options, all with different amenities to help you enjoy a comfortable and relaxed trip.

From luxurious apartments with panoramic city views to charming cabins nestled in the mountain landscape, you can find virtually any holiday rental you need. You can search for beach cottages, lakeside cabins, alpine chalets, city apartments, luxury resorts and anything in between, all with amenities and perks that make your stay comfortable and convenient. With a holiday rental, you’ll have helpful features like multiple bedrooms and bathrooms, large living spaces, full kitchens, and laundry facilities. You can even find places with luxurious perks like pools, gardens, backyards, hot tubs, and balconies and decks with views, for a truly pampered holiday.