The Ranking Metrics page is designed to help you make more informed decisions about your listing. The data displayed provides insight on your listing's performance within your market. Your market is the location most often searched by travellers to find and book your property. A market may be different from the city where your property is located because of how travellers search. You can positively impact your search position by focusing on where you can improve your listing's Ranking Metrics.

To view your Ranking Metrics page
  1. Log in to your account.
  2. If you have more than one listing, select the listing you wish to view.
  3. Click the Ranking Metrics icon in the left navigation menu.
There are several sections you can review on this page. You can view a high-level summary view of your performance as well as how your performance compares against your market and comp set.  

Earnings paidThis is the total amount deposited into your bank account for the current year. It is your gross booking amount minus our commissions and fees. It is also in the Payout summary in Reservation manager.
BookingsThis is the total number of completed bookings over the last 365 days and gets calculated after bookings have made a single payment. Cancelled bookings are not included. Accept booking requests and respond quickly to enquiries to help increase your number of bookings.
Property viewsThis the number of times your property page has been viewed over the last 30 days. Every time someone views your listing on any device, it counts toward the total. To help increase your property views, you can improve your listing's content and/or photo quality, consistently receive reviews, and keep your rates competitive.
Search resultsThis is the total number of times your property appeared in search results over the last 30 days. This metric does not reflect where your property appeared in the search results, such as appearing on the first page of a search. Appearing in results is the first step to booking your property. Be sure to feature the amenities in your listing that travellers may be searching for. You can also improve by offering Instant Booking.
Rent potentialRent Potential is the estimated amount of total earnings, excluding taxes and fees that your property could earn over the course of a year. This is based on an analysis of comparable properties in your area (beds, baths, amenities). 
Set an earnings goalUse this feature to let us know how much you would like to make for the year and we’ll help you track your progress.
Your marketYour market gets determined by the location search terms travellers are using to find your property. The searched location most likely to generate the most bookings for your property is your primary market.

For example, Disney World is in Kissimmee, FL, but travellers seeking a rental for their vacation will likely search “Orlando”. In this example, Orlando is the term that dictates your market.
Acceptance rateThis is the percentage of booking requests you have accepted over the past 365 days. Review each reservation request within 24 hours of receiving it to improve this metric. Travellers who send booking requests want to have their booking confirmed as soon as possible. We encourage you to accept them as soon as possible.
Cancellation rateThis is the percentage of owner/manager initiated cancellations over the last 365 days and your rank within your listing’s market.

If a traveller contacts you to cancel their reservation, encourage them to cancel their reservation or request cancellation from their account. This will help to distinguish between traveller initiated and owner/manager initiated cancellations. Cancelling a traveller's reservation on your own is a poor experience. We encourage you to avoid cancelling on travellers unless absolutely necessary. 
Review countReview count is the number of reviews you have received over the past 365 days. Reviews are important to travellers when choosing a property. Request reviews from your travellers from your account after each stay to increase this metric.
Review averageThis is the average of all the reviews you have received in the past 365 days. Travellers want to know what others think of your property. They will see this number on your listing when they search. Providing a great experience and asking your guests for feedback will help you improve your review average.