If the property is significantly different from the one depicted in the listing, you should first contact the holiday rental owner or manager to make them aware of your concerns. Often, complaints can be immediately resolved if the owner or manager is aware of the issue.

As a second step, write a review . Reviews are visible to other travellers, making them much more useful to others searching for a holiday property, and also give the owner a forum in which to demonstrate their responsiveness in addressing any concerns.

Especially for complaints such as poor conditions or other mismatches between the property description and experience, we encourage you to post a review in lieu of filing a property complaint. Property complaints are generally used to address concerns such as last minute cancellation, severe property condition, or non-refund of deposit.

Should you want to document your complaint, please click the Contact Us link and provide us with the below information:
  • The holiday rental owner's or manager's name, phone number, and email address
  • The holiday rental website and listing ID #
  • A description of situation and desired outcome (your complaint)
Once we have this information, we forward the complaint to the owner or manager and request that they contact you as soon as possible to resolve this matter. This incident will be documented on their account along with any resulting resolution.