Reviews are an important part of a listing and help travellers make informed decisions about the property and the booking experience the owner provides.

All content related to reviews must meet our Content Guidelines. These guidelines expressly prohibit extorting owners/managers or travellers for money or any other consideration.

Under these guidelines, the following are true:
  • Travellers cannot threaten to use a review against an owner to obtain refunds or additional compensation.
  • Owners cannot mandate a review in exchange for refunds or ask the traveller to revise a review for compensation.

We have the right to suspend or terminate your account if these guidelines are not appropriately met.

If you feel that you have experienced extortion, please contact our Customer Support Team by clicking Contact Us at the bottom of the page. If emailing, please make the subject line “Review dispute documentation” and include your listing number. We require an accurate and genuine copy of the written correspondence between owner and traveller.

We may contact you for additional information, and our Privacy Policy states that any information you provide may be given to the other party for his or her response.

After reviewing the correspondence you provide, we will notify you as to whether or not a violation of the Content Guidelines has occurred.