The Book with Confidence Guarantee is provided every time you book and pay through us.

  • A dedicated team to answer questions.
  • Payment protection against fraudulent listings.
  • Lodging assistance if travellers are unable to check-in.
  • Help if the property is significantly misrepresented.
  • Rebooking assistance if the owner or manager cancels at the last minute.
  • Damage deposit protection to help recover wrongfully withheld deposits.
For a claim to be eligible under the Book with Confidence Guarantee, you must book through us and pay on our secure checkout. We must also be notified of a claim within the required time periods set forth in our terms and conditions. If the property is significantly not as described, unsafe, or you are denied access, you must contact Customer Support within the first twelve (12) hours of the event. You must contact Customer Support within 30 days of the incident (or by phone within 12 hours of entering the property on the first day of the stay in the event that it is materially not as described or uninhabitable.)

Getting help
If you have experienced an event that is eligible for Book with Confidence, please contact Customer Support as soon as possible. Our traveller care team will assist you.

What’s not covered
Our Book with Confidence Guarantee is not trip insurance. It will not cover losses due to events outside our control such as natural disasters, weather, construction, government actions, or disease, such as COVID-19.