Recent reviews of Florida house rentals

Best regions to rent a house in Florida

  • Florida Panhandle: Houses for rent in the Florida Panhandle are great for experiencing the sunny beaches and cities across the region, such as Pensacola, Panama City, and Tallahassee. A vacation house allows you to best enjoy the spectacular array of outdoor activities and southern cuisine. There are dozens of state parks and wildlife sanctuaries, as well as popular beach hang-out spots dotted across the Emerald Coast, not to mention happening nightlife. Visitors of all types love the Panhandle for the wide array of activities, whether that’s families enjoying Santa Rosa Island or a history buff visiting the old Pensacola Lighthouse.
  • Florida Gulf Coast: From Pensacola in the Panhandle to Tampa Bay in West Central Florida and Naples to the south, the Florida Gulf Coast is a stretch of cities, beaches, and nature preserves with something for everyone to enjoy. Vacation houses to rent in Florida are popular on the Gulf Coast, with each region having a distinct appeal. You may best enjoy the southern charm of the Panhandle, or want to try out your lock deep-sea fishing off the west-central coast. Southwest Florida might be most attractive to golf enthusiasts or if you’re in the mood for warm, sunny weather all winter long.
  • Florida Keys: Florida Keys house rentals allow you to experience the excitement and relaxation of an island vacation. There are many historical attractions in the Florida Keys, where you can charter a dive to one of the many shipwrecks or visit a museum to relive the days when pirates roamed the area. Fishing is one of the most popular activities for visitors to the Florida Keys, as you may reel in a majestic marlin. If relaxing on the beach sounds like your ideal vacation activity, the Keys are perfect for beach bums to enjoy the sun and laid-back atmosphere.

Beach house for rent in Florida

A beach house rental in Florida is a popular way to experience the best of the region. With so much sand and sun to enjoy as you feel the coastal breeze of the Atlantic Ocean or the Gulf of Mexico, a beach house immerses you in the best aspects of the state. You’ll find a wide range of available beach homes that fit your particular needs, whether traveling with family, taking a romantic getaway or settling in for business. The beauty of renting a home right on the beach is the bliss of stepping off of your back deck to feel the sand between your toes.


Rent a cheap house in Florida

Florida has many budget-friendly houses to rent in the most desirable areas. With the money you save on a cheaper vacation home, you can better enjoy the range of amazing attractions in Florida, which might be an amusement park near Orlando or the thrilling nightlife of Miami Beach. Renting a house for your vacation gives you the added convenience of kitchen amenities and washing facilities, which is exceptionally nice after a sandy day at the beach. The extra spaciousness of a house is perfect for groups or families as well, as it likely means more bedrooms and more relaxation for everyone.


Florida house with a pool

One of the best reasons to visit Florida is to soak up the sun and warm temperatures all year-round, and a rental house with a pool lets you enjoy that so much more. You may prefer to take a quick dip to cool off in between chapters of your favorite book, or you can swim and splash about with family as dinner cooks on the grill. The convenience and privacy of a pool with your rental house is a great complement to the perfect Florida vacation. After a fun-filled day at the beach, a pool is a nice way to wind down the day.