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Select from 44 homes, 10 cottages and other holiday rentals in Eidelweiss Village to find one that's perfect for your trip. Holiday rentals offer the amenities that you expect for your stay with friends, family or just your pet, such as parking and a washer and dryer. You'll be sure to find a property to rent to meet everyone's needs, including places that are non-smoking or accessible.

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Frequently asked questions

What are the top holiday rentals in or near Eidelweiss Village?

Whether you're in search of an intimate escape for you and your sweetie or a sprawling house to fit family and friends, you'll find some top holiday rentals in and around Eidelweiss Village. Here are a couple to get you inspired:

  • Around 2 miles from the centre of Eidelweiss Village, it's difficult to beat "Charming Cottage - Private Community With Lake". It has 2 bedrooms and a range of conveniences like golf and shopping.
  • Another excellent choice is "White Mts Waterfront Chalet With Private Beach", which is around 0.1 miles from Eidelweiss Village. With 3 bedrooms, a smart TV and a toaster, it has everything you need to keep you content and comfortable.

For even more great options, use the search bar at the top of the page to find the perfect Eidelweiss Village holiday rental for you.

What are the top-rated holiday rentals for weekend getaways in or near Eidelweiss Village?

If you're ready to completely switch off for a night or two, you'll find a range of excellent weekend getaways in and around Eidelweiss Village. Rest and recharge your batteries at one of these top options:

  • Book a couple of nights or longer at "Relaxing Cottage By The Lake", around 0.1 miles to the southeast of Eidelweiss Village, and you've got yourself the ultimate weekend break. You'll have nature spots like Squam Lakes Natural Science Centre and Wildcat Mountain Ski Area on your doorstep and amenities like a washing machine and off-street parking options to make use of.
  • Another great option is "Renovated Modern Chalet - Swim", around 0.1 miles west of Eidelweiss Village. When you're not cozying up in your rental making use of a garden and a games room, get out and see Lincoln Woods Trailhead and Waterville Valley Golf Course.

Can I find studio apartments for rent in and around Eidelweiss Village?

Studio apartments are a simple yet stylish pick, perfectly suited for travelling sweethearts or solo stays. Spend your days checking out your surroundings and your nights resting up in your comfy hideaway. These holiday properties in or near Eidelweiss Village are sure to please:

  • Get away on your own or take a few buddies along to "Charming Standalone Home In Eidelweiss Village". You'll have loads of amenities at your disposal, including golf and duty free shops.
  • Another cool property is "Lakefront Getaway With A Loft, Free Wifi". Don't let it's compact size fool you — this comfortable apartment is filled with handy amenities like heating, cable/satellite TV services and much more.

Can I find short term rentals in or near Eidelweiss Village?

You can. Vrbo's short-term rentals in Eidelweiss Village provide a refreshing alternative to a typical hotel room. Offering many of the conveniences and comforts of home, you'll easily shift into holiday mode as soon as you arrive. Try these terrific rentals on for size:

  • Conveniently located within easy reach of favourite attractions like King Pine Ski Area, "Mountain Hideaway Close To Skiing" will make the ideal home away from home in Eidelweiss Village.
  • "3 - Story Home With Spacious Deck" is another terrific property that welcomes short-term guests. Make the most of your brief visit by stopping off at local sights, including Madison Boulder.

What are the best romantic weekend getaways in or near Eidelweiss Village?

Whether spent in a log cabin or a beach house, a romantic weekend getaway is a wonderful way to spice up your love life. Whisk your partner off for a couple of relaxing days at one of these escapes in or near Eidelweiss Village:

  • Put on some love songs and kick back together at "Charming Cottage - Private Community With Lake". Around 2 miles from Eidelweiss Village, this property has everything you could want for a romantic weekend away, including beach sun loungers and outdoor furniture.
  • "White Mts Waterfront Chalet With Private Beach" is another popular option that's sure to impress. It's about 0.1 miles from Eidelweiss Village and has a balcony and a firepit.

What are the best houses for rent with a pool in or near Eidelweiss Village?

From energetic games of "atomic whirlpool" to peaceful morning dips, a pool promises fun for both grown-ups and kids. Score some brownie points with the family by booking a house with a place to swim in or near Eidelweiss Village:

  • Make every day a pool day at "New Contemporary House, Central Ac". A theme park and a kitchen island are a few of the other amenities that help make this place a standout.
  • Another inviting option is "Mountain Ski House With Hot Tub, Wrap Around Deck". There's loads to love about this retreat besides its pool, such as a nearby laundromat and a barbecue grill.

What are the best large family holiday rentals in or near Eidelweiss Village?

You love your family of course, but that doesn't mean you have to squish together like sardines on your getaway. Play it safe and go for a large family holiday rental in or around Eidelweiss Village where you can stretch out and relax:

  • With space enough for up to 7 guests spread out over 3 bedrooms, "White Mts Waterfront Chalet With Private Beach" is popular with larger families. It comes with a kitchen island and a toaster and is around 0.1 miles south of Eidelweiss Village.
  • "Renovated Modern Chalet - Swim" is another family favourite with 4 bedrooms accommodating up to 10 guests. Offering a range of conveniences like a porch and a dishwasher, you'll find this great escape 0.1 miles to the west of Eidelweiss Village.

Can I find family cabin rentals in or near Eidelweiss Village?

Get away from the hustle and bustle and treat the ones you love to a different type of holiday. Stay in one of these family cabin rentals in or near Eidelweiss Village and get the camping experience — minus the tents and with all the creature comforts!

  • "New Rustic Madison Cabin Retreat W" - Enjoy fun and good times with your gang at this escape, which is around 0.1 miles northwest of the centre of Eidelweiss Village. A dishwasher and coffee and tea making facilities are among its family-friendly amenities.
  • "Lakeview Forest Cabin With Deck < ½ Mile To Beach" - This stay is another favourite with families and is around 1 mile east of Eidelweiss Village. Offering a fridge, a stereo and more, it'll get your group's nod of approval.

For more options, use the search bar at the top of the page and adjust the filters to find the Eidelweiss Village holiday rental that's perfect for your needs.

Are there one-bedroom holiday rentals in or near Eidelweiss Village?

Romantic retreats, business trips or solo adventures — a single-bedroom rental property is a perfect solution for all sorts of occasions. One of these options in or near Eidelweiss Village is sure to be just the thing:

  • Take a look at "Charming Standalone Home In Eidelweiss Village", a fantastic centrally located one-bedroom holiday property. A kitchen and a barbecue grill are just two of the amenities here.
  • Also within easy reach of the centre of Eidelweiss Village, "Lovely Getaway With Loft, Free Wifi" is another popular one-bedroom option. After a big day of exploring, return and enjoy a lake view and a kitchen.