Recent reviews of Benidorm villa rentals

Top regions for villas to rent in Benidorm

  • Moraira: If you're looking for a holiday in a small coastal town in Spain, Moraira is the perfect choice. Located south of Valencia, Moraira offers a considerable charm that is characteristic of Spanish fishing villages. It has grown a great deal and now offers golf, plenty of excellent restaurants and beautiful beaches. When looking for villas near Benidorm, Moraira is a great option. You can start your day with leisure in your villa and end it by cooking an exquisite meal using local ingredients. You'll also find yourself within walking distance of many local hot spots when you rent here. Holiday villas in Moraira near Benidorm are a wonderful option for any traveller.
  • El Portet: Just a short distance from Moraira you'll find El Portet, a quiet area with rocky cliffs overlooking blue-green water. You can enjoy a delicious meal and cold drinks at a local street cafe or relax on the sand in a small cove. Holiday villas in this area of Benidorm are often designed in Ibiza style, giving you the feeling of secluded luxury. Many villas around El Portet are quite spacious, making them suitable for large groups or multiple families. El Portet is known as a beach area that is good for children, and your family will love renting a villa in this region.

Cheap villas in Benidorm

Benidorm is a very popular area, but you can save money on your holiday when you choose a cheap villa. You'll be able to enjoy more of the activities and delicious restaurants in the region when you select an inexpensive villa. Booking a cheap villa in Benidorm will save you some cash, but you won't have to skimp on amenities or the spectacular scenery, because Benidorm offers both no matter where you choose to stay. You might want to look for properties that are off the beaten path, as the most popular areas like Levante Beach will fill up quickly. The lesser-known spots will give you plenty of options for cheap villas in Benidorm.


Luxury holiday villas in Benidorm

You can enjoy the Costa Blanca in the best way possible when you choose a luxury villa in Benidorm. You'll enjoy access to some of the best beaches in Spain, as well as appealing restaurants and panoramic views of charming towns. Luxury villas in Benidorm are usually located close to points of interest or atop a hill for the best perspective. Many villas are quite spacious, allowing for a large group or family. Amenities abound in luxury villas, providing everything you could possibly need during your stay. You will also find that many luxury villas in Benidorm are located on private streets with no through traffic, providing you with a quiet, serene experience.


Villas to rent in Benidorm with private pools

Holiday villas in Benidorm often boast a swimming pool, but many times the pool is shared among several parties. For a truly special holiday, make sure you choose a villa in Benidorm with a private pool. Your family will love having the sparkling waters of a private pool all to yourselves, with comfortable lounge furniture that provides a place to unwind. You won't have to make awkward small talk with other travellers when you have your own private pool. You can slip into your pool for a rejuvenating experience or cook dinner al fresco with your poolside barbecue. You will enjoy a holiday villa in Benidorm so much more when it includes a private pool.