Recent reviews of Florida beach rentals

Best places for beach rentals in Florida

  • Florida Keys: One of the most desirable spots for beachfront rentals in Florida is the Florida Keys. The archipelago that makes up the Florida Keys stretches across 100 miles of tropical islands and emerald waters that expose the beauty of coral reefs and marine life. Whether staying in a condo, apartment, house, or villa, vacationers love beachfront properties in the Florida Keys for waking up to the rising sun and ending the day watching the sunset over the Gulf. On top of that, you are within walking distance of a relaxing day on the beach or an adventurous time snorkeling.
  • Florida Gulf Coast: The Florida Gulf Coast is a great location for Florida beachfront rentals. Whether you hope to rent a house, condo, or beachfront cottage, Florida Gulf Coast cities like Pensacola, Naples, and Fort Myers have idyllic spots where you can enjoy your vacation. Many of these coastal cities have beaches near their downtown districts, which give you direct access to world-class restaurants and nightlife. You may prefer a secluded beach accommodation where you and your family can enjoy the change of pace and relax on the beach.
  • Florida Panhandle: If you want a laid-back Southern atmosphere with incredible coastal views, then you should plan your next vacation to the Florida Panhandle. The Florida Panhandle has island, peninsula, and beachfront condos for rent in Florida, and each location has a particular charm as you enjoy the soft, white sand near your vacation rental. The cities in the Florida Panhandle, such as Pensacola and Panama City, not only have great beaches, but they provide many opportunities for family entertainment and fun as well. Whether you desire a romantic getaway or want to enjoy a family vacation, the Florida Panhandle is perfect.

Pet-friendly Florida beach rentals

Pet-friendly beaches are common in Florida, and that means pet-friendly accommodations are abundant as well. You can find a beachfront house or condo rental with enough space and comfort for you and the furry members of your family. When your pets are members of your family, you shouldn't have to be stuck with the choice of not bringing them. That's why a beachfront rental that accommodates pets is the perfect complement to your vacation. Nothing beats the thrill of playing fetch with your best friend on a sandy beach in Florida.


Beachfront vacation rentals in Florida

From the surf spots in Jackson down to the coral reef coast of the Florida Keys and up to the sandy peninsulas near Pensacola, you can find amazing properties for beachfront vacation rentals in Florida. When the beach is your destination, it doesn't matter whether you are hoping for a romantic getaway, planning a weekend with friends, or going on your annual family vacation, because you'll be sure to have a relaxing time soaking up the sun no matter why you're visiting. Vacationers love beachfront rentals that are directly connected to the boardwalk to give you quick access to the beach and water fun.


Beach villa rentals in Florida

There's no better place for a relaxing beach villa than on the coast of Florida. You can enjoy breathtaking sunrise views over the Atlantic Ocean or see the day winding down with a scenic sunset from your villa on the Gulf of Mexico. A beach villa is the perfect vacation rental, whether you are traveling with your family, lifelong friends, or that special someone for a romantic getaway. In addition to being near countless parks, places of entertainment, and activities, a Florida beach villa can help you relax and enjoy the sand that's steps away from your door.


Florida beach rentals with a pool

A beachfront rental with a pool is one of the best choices you can make for a Florida vacation. You may be headed for a romantic getaway or taking the whole family for a fun and relaxing vacation. In either case, a beachfront rental with a pool allows you to enjoy your Florida experience even more. Night swimming is a great way to have fun and wind down while you are immersed in the warm water as the night air cools. With a pool, you can swim at your convenience in a safe and private environment.