Recent reviews of Vermont rentals by the lake

Top regions for Vermont lake rentals

  • Montpelier: Montpelier is one of the best destinations for Vermont lake rentals. The capital city is home to a mixture of culture, history, and outdoor spaces, such as the Vermont State House and Hubbard Park. You can learn all about the state by visiting the Vermont Historical Society Museum, or you could take some time in nature with the North Branch Nature Center. You’ll find a lot of attractions for kids as well, such as the Fairbanks Museum & Planetarium and the Morse Farm Ski Touring Center. Other highlights include the Vermont Granite Museum, the Old Labor Hall National Historic Landmark, and Knight’s Spider Web Farm & Cabinet Store.
  • Waterbury: The charming town of Waterbury offers a quiet retreat for Vermont lake rentals. There’s a lot of outdoor space to explore, including Camel’s Hump State Park and its famous Camel’s Hump formation, and the Little River State Park. If you have the kids, you can visit the Cold Hollow Cider Mill to learn about the process and sample some cider. You could also visit the Ben & Jerry’s Factory and Flavor Graveyard and learn about their award-winning ice cream process—plus indulge with some samples. With Vermont lake cabins in Waterbury, you’re close to the fun attractions and the ski resorts and outdoor spaces.

Go for a truly luxurious Vermont B&B on the lake

If you’re sold on the idea of staying in a bed and breakfast, you might check out a luxury Vermont B&B for your travels. Luxurious, high-end bed and breakfasts offer such amenities as hot tubs, swimming pools, and even lakeside locations where you can watch the sunset over natural, serene surroundings. There's nothing like sitting by the lakeside with a glass of wine in the afternoon, talking about your travel plans with the new friends you made over a homemade meal. A high-end luxury Vermont B&B on the lake will truly offer you a one-of-a-kind vacation experience, and a place to make lifetime memories.

Find cheap Vermont lake house rentals

With its spectacular outdoor areas and fun attractions that are free or cheap, you can have a wonderful vacation in Vermont lake rentals. The parklands, lakes, waterfalls, and historic sites offer memorable experiences, all without costing a dime. You can find plenty of cheap lake house rentals that give you all you need for your trip, including practical amenities like laundry facilities and a kitchen with appliances so you can make meals for your family. When you save so much on accommodation and dining, you can splurge on exciting experiences like ski trips, wilderness tours, spa retreats, and days sightseeing in the city.

Explore Vermont lake house rentals

Larger than your typical cabin, Vermont lake house rentals give you space and a different personality for your trip. You can book lake house rentals right on the shore of the lake near the beach, nestled in the forest, or closer to the outskirts of the city, so you’ll have access to all the fun you want. Lake houses give you gorgeous waterfront views for sunrises and sunsets over the lake and a touch of romance and beauty. You’ll also find comforts of home at the lake house, such as a kitchen, multiple bedrooms and bathrooms, a fireplace, a deck, pools, hot tubs, and outdoor grill areas. Plenty of family-friendly lake houses include kid-focused features, such as video game systems, toys, games, bunk beds, and fenced areas in the backyard with playsets.

Discover Vermont cabin rentals on the lake

If you want a rustic experience in Vermont, a cabin rental is the way to go. Vermont rentals on the lake give you natural surroundings and access to the beach for fun days in the sun. You’ll have endless opportunities to explore the outdoors and retreat to a quiet place for relaxation in the evening. Cabin rentals offer many amenities as well, such as waterfront views, backyards, outdoor seating areas, working fireplaces, access to nearby ski resorts, and more. Cabins also come in just about any variety you could want, from luxurious and modern to rustic and budget-friendly, so you can get the rugged appeal you want with the creature comforts you need. You can also book cabins that are designed for families, complete with features like bunk beds, video game systems, and playsets in the backyard.