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Planning a memorable family holiday

If you’re looking for some fun and bonding time with the whole family, plenty of options for destinations and accommodation are available for you to choose from. From cheap family trips to kid-focused adventures, family holidays come in many varieties.

Cheap family holidays

Saving money is paramount if you’re travelling in a large group, but even a family trip doesn’t have to be expensive. Not only are there a variety of Vrbo rental options to suit different budgets, such as multi-family home rentals or cheap cottages, but choosing a holiday rental keeps costs down by allowing you to cook your own meals and save on expensive restaurants. You can also save by researching your trip in advance and finding cultural and historic landmarks that are free or inexpensive, so you can stretch your budget and prioritise the attractions that matter most. Many locations also have free parks, beaches, forests or other outdoor areas for fun with the kids and relaxation for you, and you may even get better rates on your rental property if you choose to travel during off-peak or shoulder season.

Family holidays in the UK

The UK has excellent opportunities for family fun and excitement, ranging from traditional fun by the sea in Norfolk’s coastal towns to historic attractions and beachside activities on the East Sussex coast. There’s also Belfast, a vibrant city with indoor and outdoor attractions for budding history buffs or nature adventurers, and Cheltenham, a Regency-era town with countryside farms and rich tea shops. A range of rental properties designed for family holidays in UK destinations can be found on Vrbo, including homes, cottages, apartments, lodges and other accommodation that suit both luxury and budget-conscious travellers. Whatever you’re planning for bonding and fun with the family, you’re certain to find a holiday rental property that’s right in the centre of it all.

Kids’ holidays

Finding destinations with kid-friendly attractions and venues can be a challenge, but fortunately, there are many places with hidden gems for children. Whether you’re travelling with toddlers or teenagers, you can enjoy fun with the whole family in luxury countryside homes, stunning beachside resorts, rural woodland cottages or anything in between, giving you the option for seaside excitement, popular theme parks or adventures in nature. Vrbo holiday rentals have the perfect options for kids’ holidays in UK and beyond, providing you with the ideal accommodation close to the attractions that matter most, along with some kid-friendly amenities for endless entertainment, such as games rooms and television.

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