Premier Host Program Terms

Vrbo Premier Host Program Terms
All property owners and authorized property managers who list and manage through the Vrbo platform at least one vacation or short-term rental property located within a participating region (“hosts”) are eligible to become a Premier Host as part of the Vrbo Premier Host program (the “Program”). Hosts who have consistently delivered and continue to deliver exceptional experiences to Vrbo travelers—as reflected by the attainment of certain standards of quality and performance—will be recognized for their excellence and be accepted to the Program, have the Premier Host badge displayed on all their listings, and receive additional benefits available only to Premier Hosts.
Eligibility and Qualification
All hosts with a Vrbo account in good standing (no active marketplace violations) and at least one active listing on the Vrbo platform will be eligible to become a Premier Host and participate in the Program. Qualification for the Program will be assessed for each eligible host, and will be based on the attainment of certain quality and performance standards that are critical to the traveler experience. Hosts will become Premier Hosts and be accepted into the Program as soon as they meet or exceed such standards based on the combined performance across all reservations for all listings in an account. Upon becoming a Premier Host, the Premier Host badge and designation will be displayed on each of that Premier Host’s listings.
The purpose of the Premier Host badge is to identify to travelers those hosts who have consistently exhibited excellence and have demonstrated their commitment to delivering an exceptional traveler experience—from search through stay. A Premier Host will receive access to the Premier Host benefits in relation to all their listings.
Program eligibility requirements and performance standards may be modified from time to time at Vrbo’s discretion. Any such modifications will take effect upon posting at the link above, or as soon thereafter is deemed reasonable notice under applicable law.
Periodic Evaluation
Qualification for Premier Host status will be evaluated every three months. Current Premier Hosts that continue to meet the quality and performance standards at each evaluation will retain their “Premier Host” designations and associated badges for all their listings. Current Premier Hosts that fail to meet the quality and performance standards at an evaluation will lose their “Premier Host” designations and associated badges for all their listings.
In addition, Vrbo may revoke such “Premier Host” designations and associated badges at any other time if it should come to Vrbo’s attention that a host or listing does not meet applicable quality and performance standards, or if a host has failed to adhere to these Program terms, the Vrbo Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy applicable to the host’s region, or the terms of any listing agreement applicable to such host (all of the above, “Vrbo Terms”). Hosts for which Premier Host status has been revoked may regain the “Premier Host” designation and associated badges in the future, provided that they remain in good standing and meet the quality and performance standards applicable at the time of such review.
Premier Partner Designation and Badge
Premier Hosts will automatically receive a “Premier Host” designation in the display of each of their listings on the Vrbo platform; and each such listing also will be identified with a distinctive badge to further indicate Premier Host status to travelers. Hosts who have attained such status will be entitled to use the term “Premier Host” and to display the Premier Host badge on all qualified listings as well as in platform-based communications with travelers.
To that end, Vrbo grants to each Premier Host a limited, worldwide, revocable, non-transferrable license to use the “Premier Host” designation and associated badge solely and exclusively as described above, and only in connection with the account for which the host has attained and continues to maintain all applicable quality- and performance-standards. From time to time, Vrbo may develop and distribute materials to promote the Program to travelers or may provide to Premier Hosts preapproved marketing collateral for use in connection with the Program. Any and all such materials will be subject to the limited license granted herein and may be used only as expressly permitted by Vrbo.
Nothing in this section is intended or should be construed to transfer any interest in or to the Premier Host name, badge, or any other intellectual property of Vrbo or its affiliates, and Vrbo retains all rights, title, and interest in and to the “Premier Host” name and badge, and all other logos, trademarks, copyrighted materials, and other proprietary information associated with the Program, except as expressly set forth above. All rights and licenses granted by Vrbo in connection with the Program will be revoked automatically—at the account-level or listing-level, as applicable—upon a loss of Premier Host status, removal, suspension, or dormancy of a previously qualified account, termination of the host relationship, or discontinuation of the Program.
The “Premier Host” designation and badge recognizes high-achieving hosts and highlights their listings to travelers, distinguishing those hosts and properties as having demonstrated excellence in categories that matter most to the traveler community. Additional benefits of the Program include a dedicated customer-support line; early or exclusive access to programs, products, or features (such as the Vrbo Boost Program*), and inclusion in the Premier Host filter on Vrbo sites.
Neither the attainment of Premier Host status nor the designation with or use of the Premier Host badge is intended or should be construed as an endorsement by Vrbo of any host, property, or listing. Any suggestion of such an endorsement or misuse of the “Premier Host” title or badge will be deemed a material breach of the Program terms and will subject the host to exclusion from the Program, removal of any associated listing, or termination of the host relationship. Premier Hosts who wish to decline participation in the Program should contact Vrbo directly.
Incorporation of Vrbo Terms
The Vrbo Premier Host Program is subject to and governed by these Program terms as well as the Vrbo Terms (as defined above), including in particular all limitations of liability and indemnity provisions set forth therein; and all Vrbo Terms are hereby incorporated by reference into these Program terms. Any breach or violation of the Vrbo Terms will be considered a breach of these Program Terms and will subject the host to exclusion from the Program, removal of any associated listing, or termination of the host relationship.
Updates to Program Terms
Vrbo may revise or update these Program terms at any time by posting such revised or updated Program terms on this page and on other Vrbo websites, web pages, or applications in which the Program terms appear. All such revisions and updates will take effect upon posting or as soon thereafter is deemed reasonable notice under applicable law. Hosts who continue to participate in the Program after such revisions or updates have taken effect will be subject to and bound by all new Program terms. Hosts who do not agree to or accept the revised or updated terms should promptly inform Vrbo that they no longer wish to participate in the Program.
Last updated: March 3, 2021