Recent reviews of Myrtle Beach pet-friendly rentals

Top areas for Myrtle Beach pet-friendly rentals

  • North Myrtle Beach: Part of the Grand Strand, which is a 60-mile stretch of beaches on the Atlantic Ocean, North Myrtle Beach is filled with activities for the whole family, no matter what your interests are. You can go golfing, relax for the day at the beach, discover alligator adventures, or check out the unique shops along Main Street. If you want to stay in the thick of things, take a look at the number of North Myrtle Beach pet-friendly rentals for places to stay. Staying in North Myrtle Beach will have you within walking distance of all the fun and entertainment you could ask for.
  • Cherry Grove Beach: Being a part of the hubbub of the city may not be everybody’s cup of tea. Cherry Grove Beach is located at the most northern part of North Myrtle Beach, so you still have the oceanfront beach and you’re close to all the amenities, but you can also find a little bit of quiet, being out of the core of the city. Cherry Grove Beach has been noted as one of the best beaches in the United States and boasts a swing bridge as well as a long pier that jets out past everything else in sight. With so many rentals available, it’s a great destination to find pet-friendly condos in Myrtle Beach.
  • Ocean Lakes: Ocean Lakes has been Myrtle Beach’s top camping destination since 1970 and was named one of the top campgrounds in the United States. While tents and RVs are popular here, you can also find beach rentals s for your Myrtle Beach pet-friendly rental needs. In addition to plenty of sandy beach area, the campground has plenty to offer as far as amenities and entertainment, so you may just find yourself not wanting to venture outside of the grounds.

Cheap pet-friendly vacation rentals in Myrtle Beach

Save money by not having to board your pet when you vacation by choosing cheap pet-friendly rentals in Myrtle Beach. Not only will it save you money by being able to bring your dog on vacation with you, but you won’t have to worry about the dog’s separation anxiety and loneliness. Plus, vacations are just more fun when you can bring your dog along. You have plenty of cheap options when it comes to finding a play to stay in Myrtle Beach. Even if you’re not right on the beach, you’re still going to be close enough to all of the fun and amenities.

Finding pet-friendly Myrtle Beach vacation house rentals

If you're bringing a dog along on vacation, there are plenty of beaches, parks, and public areas that are dog-friendly and allow you to spend time exploring the outdoors with your pet. You can also find an array of Myrtle Beach house rentals that are pet-friendly and provide convenient amenities like dog crates, food and water bowls, and fenced outdoor play areas to ensure your dog is just as comfortable as you are. Plenty of the pet-friendly house rentals are close to the beach as well, so you can spend more time by the water.


Find Myrtle Beach pet-friendly rental houses

For the families who may want some more room, Myrtle Beach pet-friendly house rentals are the way to go. Having all of the amenities of home, with lots of room inside and outside for the dog and kids to play, is a great way to relax and enjoy your trip. With all the extra space, you’ll be sure to find a quiet spot to curl up and unwind with that book you’ve been meaning to read. Your family will have its own little piece of paradise while you are on vacation, and the beach is never far away.

Choose pet-friendly rentals in Myrtle Beach

Staying in a pet-friendly rental while in Myrtle Beach is the perfect option. You can still be close to all of the excitement, and possibly on the beach, while also being able to vacation with your dog. It’s the best of both worlds. Several beachfront rentals get rented out as vacation homes, each with access to different amenities on-site. The hardest part of your vacation will be choosing which places you want to be closest to, and there are a lot of places to choose from. Some condos may require a cleaning fee or a down payment if you have a pet with you, just in case they cause a mess or destruction.