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Whitby cottages offer outdoor adventure, dining and history

Whitby is a historic seaside town that’s ideal for cottages in North Yorkshire. It’s filled with fascinating attractions, such as the Captain Cook Memorial Museum, the Whitby Museum and Whitby Abbey, as well as beautiful blue flag beaches and excellent seafood eateries. With a cottage in Whitby, you can spend your time exploring the historic locations to learn more about the local history, lounging on the sand with views of the water and countryside or strolling through town to discover new restaurants and hidden gems in seaside shops.


Best destinations for Whitby cottages

  • Robin Hood's Bay: Also known as Bay Town, Robin Hood's Bay is a small fishing village just south of Whitby proper. It features winding streets and historical architecture that offer a one of a kind experience. While the town was historically a haven for smugglers, more mainstream maritime business has since taken over, so expect numerous opportunities for fishing and boating. Whitby cottages in this area are notably historical, yet tend to be quieter and more relaxed than their more urban counterparts.
  • Whitby Beach: If you're looking for a more outdoor-oriented holiday experience, booking one of the Whitby cottages in this area might be your best bet. The sandy shores of this region are pristine and offer gentle waters perfect for both swimming and fishing. Local cottages by the beach tend to be state of the art offering convenient access to the water and scenic views of the channel. You may even find some cottage rentals that are close to the town centre as well as some beaches that are located directly on the outskirts allowing you to enjoy the best of both worlds.
  • Whitby Harbour: Whitby Harbour can trace its origins back to the natural estuary of the River Esk. Over the centuries, many man-made improvements have occurred within the area to craft it into the collection of piers and shops it's known for today. It actually faces north, so it's one of the few places in all of the UK where you can actually watch a sunrise and a sunset over the water in the summer. Along the harbour itself, you'll find numerous shops, restaurants and boat rentals perfect for venturing out into the sea yourself.

Explore cheap Whitby cottages to rent

Whitby is packed full of things to do, from outdoor adventures to museums, so it might be best to save your budget for the attractions themselves rather than the accommodation. There are quite a few cheap Whitby cottages to rent that are affordable yet still feature some of the best amenities available to truly make your trip one to remember. Central heating and cooling are commonly included, for example, even if you opt for a more historic cottage. Whether you're looking to visit Whitby Museum or its local harbour, you'll have no problem finding a nearby affordable cottage that the whole family can enjoy.


Discover dog-friendly Whitby holiday cottages

The 199 Steps is one of the most iconic spots in Whitby offering scenic views of the harbour and beyond. While a trip down these steps can be memorable on its own, nothing makes it better quite like having your pup with you. If you plan on bringing your furry friend along on holiday, you'll have to book one of the dog-friendly Whitby holiday cottages and there are quite a few to choose from. Most are on the affordable side, so your budget won't typically be a barrier to bringing your canine companion. Dog-friendly cottages are especially prevalent by outdoorsy areas like Whitby Beach and The Cinder Track.


Relax in a dog-friendly cottage in Whitby

Whitby is a lovely seaside town in North Yorkshire where you can find a relaxing holiday experience away from the hustle and bustle of the big city. There are plenty of ways to facilitate your adventure here, but booking a cottage rental is one of the best. Cottages tend to be quaint and cosy offering all the relaxing comforts of home while still offering sufficient space for the whole family. You'll find several dog-friendly cottages in Whitby, so you don't have to hesitate to bring your pet along to explore this port city and its famous lighthouse.

Find Whitby cottages with a hot tub

With so much to explore in Whitby, it can be a tiring experience venturing through its multiple attractions and destinations. When you return to one of the Whitby cottages, it'd be nice to have something that can help you relax after a long day, which is where a hot tub can help. Whitby cottages with a hot tub offer relaxation a step above the rest. The massaging jets and warm water can help your muscles relax and be better prepared for the upcoming adventure the following day. Plus, these hot tubs are private, so you can enjoy them no matter what time of day it is.