Choosing villa rentals

If you’re looking for a little luxury and old-world appeal on your vacation, villa rentals found on Vrbo are the best choice. Villas are often decadent homes in warm destinations, though gorgeous villas can be found in a range of top travel locations all over the world, including Italy, Greece, France, the Caribbean, and Hawaii.

Bali villas

Known for forested volcanic mountains, iconic rice paddies, pristine beaches, and vibrant coral reefs, Bali is a tropical paradise that’s perfect for a relaxing seaside getaway. Whether you want to surf or sail, experience local culture, or explore natural wonders, Bali is a wonderful place for couples, families, and solo travelers. The accommodation options are abundant, but Bali villas give you a touch of luxury and comfort for your stay, such as private services, luxurious furnishings, or a private pool.

Villas in Spain

Spain is a perfect luxury destination that caters to every taste. From the beautiful beaches of Mallorca and Gran Canaria to exciting cities like Barcelona and Madrid, Spain has a little something for everyone, and villas in Spain ensure an unforgettable trip. Villas offer a lot of privacy, stunning views, and private pools, as well as gourmet kitchens and in-home entertainment. Whether you’re traveling with kids or as a couple, villas in Spain come in various sizes and styles to suit your interests.

Orlando villas

Orlando is a popular destination for all types of travelers, boasting such attractions as Walt Disney World Resort, Universal Studios, and Sea World. Though there’s an array of kid-focused attractions, the art museums and quirky places in Orlando make it popular for couples and groups of friends. Orlando villas also accommodate different types of travelers and can be found near the top attractions, often including such amenities as WiFi, entertainment systems, a spa or hot tub, a private pool, and spectacular views.

Overwater villas

Overwater villas are quickly becoming a popular vacation lodging option, giving you a unique experience for your trip. Overwater villas can be found in tropical locales, such as the Maldives, Bora Bora, the Caribbean, Thailand, the Philippines, and Malaysia, and come in everything from rustic and charming to luxurious and romantic. Aside from the direct access to azure seas and colorful marine life, some overwater villas feature private splash pools, private terraces, luxury bathrooms, and a larger resort with features like a resort pool, tennis courts, beach volleyball, and a fitness club.

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