Explore vacation house rentals for your next family or couples trip

Vacation house rentals offer all the comfort, features, and room you need on your weekend or long-term getaway to bring all the comforts of home to your travels. Whether you're on a couples' getaway for the weekend, or you're on that annual family vacation, you're sure to find the vacation home to suit your needs. You can search by budget, size, features, or destination to get the vacation home rentals you're looking for.

Discover the benefits of vacation house rentals

The right vacation house rentals offer a range of benefits you don't get from apartments or condos, with the most obvious being they are like bringing home with you. A vacation house for rent offers tons of space, including separate bedrooms for each person. That means everyone in your family can have their own space. Vacation homes are also available in a near-infinite variety of styles and sizes, from small suburban ranch houses to quaint farmhouses, rustic cottages and cabins or even luxurious villas.

It doesn't matter if you're looking for advanced technology like smart home features, surround sound throughout the house, and the most modern furnishings or you're looking for exposed beams and rustic space with lots of room to spread out. Vacation houses to suit any need with amenities ranging from fenced-in yards with barbecues to private pools and hot tubs. Explore all the options for holiday homes for rent to base your travels today.

Enjoy a peaceful escape to lakeside vacation home rentals

Lakeside vacation house rentals offer the ideal solution for those looking for an idyllic getaway from the stress and fast pace of daily life. At these rustic cabins, you can enjoy the serene waters of mountain lakes, go fishing, canoeing, or kayaking, or enjoy a cup of coffee or tea in the morning and a glass of wine in the evenings as the sun goes down over the shores. A vacation home on the lake is a fantastic way to recharge your batteries after spending a day sightseeing or having outdoor and local cultural adventures.

Vacation home rentals come in just about every size and shape, from budget-friendly affairs that offer plenty of comforts, space and amenities like full kitchens and outdoor barbecues to full luxury villas. They can come with every modern update and convenience you can think of, like free Internet, surround sound throughout the home, smart kitchen appliances, and streaming services on an HDTV. Regardless of the size or budget status you want, you'll be surrounded by serene beauty on the shores of a natural lake.

Enjoy surf and sand with a beachfront vacation home

Along the coasts of North America, you can enjoy world-class beaches, and vacation house rentals can be had that put you right on the shores for adventures with sun and surf. You can roll out of bed and head straight for the waves for beach volleyball, swimming, sunbathing, surf fishing, building sandcastles, or playing water sports. Anywhere you can find a beach, you can also find beach home rentals of just about every size and shape to meet your needs.

You can go scuba diving or snorkelling right offshore to explore living coral reefs and infinite varieties of colourful tropical sea life. You can explore an entire magical, alien world of vibrant ecology just minutes from your beachfront vacation house, and an exploration of these worlds creates experiences and memories you'll never forget. Beachfront vacation house rentals can be had in small cabins or large villas ideal for multiple families. All of them are just an easy search away.

Escape the hustle and bustle in a country vacation house

We live in a fast-paced world, and vacation home rentals in the country can help you to escape from the stress and pressures of everyday life and get back to nature. You can recharge your batteries and reconnect with your loved ones as you explore outdoor adventures galore, from hiking and biking along forested or mountain trails to swimming in natural lagoons at the bottom of cascading waterfalls or even spending time on a working farm. Many country vacation home options place you in quaint villages with fantastic small shops and local restaurants for delicious dining.

If you're into wine, explore wine country vacation houses in rustic, rolling valleys. Here you can unwind, stretch out and enjoy bottles of local vintages with someone you love. Enjoy comfortable furnishing, tons of room, and plenty of amenities to stay connected while still enjoying an escape from city life.

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