Top locations for B&Bs in Edinburgh

  • Edinburgh Castle: One of the most beautiful sites in all of the UK is Edinburgh Castle. If you plan to holiday in a B&B in Edinburgh, you should look near Edinburgh Castle. This historic fortress is built upon Castle Rock and is visible from miles around. Thousands of years of history are here for you to explore and appreciate when you stay near Edinburgh Castle. Families love it here because the experience is fun and educational, but anyone who enjoys history and beauty will appreciate a trip to Edinburgh Castle. Many travellers report how fascinating the daily tours of the castle are.
  • Portobello Beach: The historic resort town of Portobello Beach is an ideal summer holiday destination that's the perfect spot for a B&B in Edinburgh. As an eastern suburb of Edinburgh, Portobello Beach gives you immediate access to the city as well as brilliant coastal views and plenty of beach fun. The waters may not be as warm as those on the southern coast, but on a hot summer day, taking a dip here is quite refreshing. You could enjoy a game of beach volleyball or stroll along the sand looking for seashells. Within the town of Portobello Beach are many quaint, historic homes that date back over a century. You won't run out of things to do when you holiday in Portobello Beach.

B&Bs near shopping in Edinburgh

While in Edinburgh, you might want to shop at the local boutiques or larger shopping centres, but no matter what your preference is, you can find your ideal B&B nearby. A bed-and-breakfast pairs perfectly with your love of shopping, because you can have a leisurely morning with a full English breakfast conveniently served to you before you head out to visit area shops. Similarly, after an intense day of exploring the latest styles or home decor, you can come back to a comfortable B&B to put your feet up and relax.


Edinburgh bed-and-breakfasts near museums

With so much history and culture to experience in Edinburgh on your next holiday, you might want to book a bed-and-breakfast near one of the museums. With over a dozen to choose from, you will have no shortage of museums to try. Whether that's The Royal Scottish Academy, the National War Museum or the Museum of Edinburgh, you can plan your holiday to enjoy as many as possible. While most of the museums are located near the city centre around Castle Rock, you'll find some near the coast and to the south as well. Regardless of location, there are many B&Bs near museums in Edinburgh to choose from to find the perfect location.


Cheap B&Bs for rent in Edinburgh

Because there are so many sites to see and outdoor activities to enjoy in Edinburgh, you might want to consider a cheap bed-and-breakfast for your holiday accommodation. A cheap B&B lets you enjoy a comfortable and accommodating room with as much privacy or social interaction as you desire. Furthermore, with the money you save on an inexpensive bed-and-breakfast, you can afford more activities in Edinburgh, such as a tour of Edinburgh Castle or a visit to the Scottish National Portrait Gallery. With options for cheap B&Bs throughout Edinburgh, you can be close to the destinations that will make your holiday most enjoyable, whether you stay near the city centre or close to Portobello Beach.