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Visit Scotland lodges for rolling hills, pubs and history

The Scottish Borders area is a popular destination for pet-friendly cottages near the Lake District. The area has many charming towns, dramatic peaks, challenging hiking trails and beautiful streams that traverse the countryside, which is a dream for a dog. You can spend your time exploring the wonders of Lake District National Park with your pet or visiting the towns to enjoy lunch or dinner in dog-friendly restaurants. You'll have no shortage of gorgeous outdoor spaces to explore with your pet, especially with dog-friendly cottages in Scotland.


Top regions for pet-friendly cottages in Scotland

  • Oban: The resort town of Oban is an ideal place for dog-friendly cottages in Scotland. The seaside town serves as a ferry hub for the nearby islands and boasts an array of fascinating attractions, such as the Oban Distillery, the Dunollie Museum, Castle & Grounds and McCaig's Tower, a hilltop tower with sweeping bay views. If you're bringing your dog, there are plenty of outdoor spaces where you can explore the historic sites while giving your dog some fun and exercise. You can find many restaurants and cafes that allow dogs both indoors and out, so you can enjoy a nice lunch or dinner with your pet after long wilderness excursions.
  • Inverness: Inverness is one of the most popular destinations in Scotland and is a fantastic location for pet-friendly cottages. It has many historic sites to explore, such as the indoor Victorian Market, the 19th-century Inverness Cathedral and the Inverness Museum and Art Gallery. You can enjoy long walks and adventures on the grounds of historic sites and in public areas with your dog, and many cafes and restaurants allow pets in outdoor seating areas. If you want a truly spectacular experience, Inverness has many things to do and see.
  • Saint Andrews: The seaside resort town of St Andrews is a great destination for outdoor enthusiasts and dog lovers to find pet-friendly cottages in Scotland. You can play a few rounds of golf, learn about the history of the game in the British Golf Museum and wander the grounds of St Andrews Castle. Dogs are allowed in many places throughout the town, including the pristine St Andrews Beach, and an array of restaurants and cafes allow dogs both indoors and outside. You could even enjoy a night of cocktails in a dog-friendly pub.
  • Scottish Highlands: The historic Scottish Highlands area is the ideal place for dog-friendly cottages in Scotland. The magical landscape is filled with dramatic peaks, glistening waterways and mystical lochs, all of which allow pets to roam. You can take your dog to the park or across the diverse landscape near historic sites and ancient castles, giving you a chance to take in the scenery while creating the trip of a lifetime for your dog. With dog-friendly cottages in the Scottish Highlands, you'll have an array of options for how to enjoy your holiday in Scotland with your pet.

Save with cheap pet-friendly cottages in Scotland

A holiday in Scotland is a memorable experience, but it's also a great destination for a budget-friendly trip. Many of the sites of Scotland are free or cheap to visit, such as the historic sites, museums and parklands, so you can stretch your budget while seeing the best attractions. Dogs are allowed at many of the free spaces, and you have endless options for wilderness exploration and outdoor play for free. You can find a variety of cheap pet-friendly cottages in Scotland that give you convenient amenities like a full kitchen, laundry facilities, outdoor entertainment areas, fenced yards, dog crates, food and water bowls and more, so you can be sure you and your dog have the best time possible.


Find luxury dog-friendly cottages in Scotland

If you're planning a luxury retreat, you'll be happy to know that you can bring your pet along to Scotland to enjoy everything it has to offer. Between the fine restaurants, gourmet cafes, fascinating museums, historic sites and wonderful landscapes, both you and your dog can enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime experience in Scotland. Many of the luxury cottages in Scotland are dog-friendly and boast convenient amenities like dog beds and cages, toys, food and water bowls, outdoor play areas and fenced yards, so you can be sure your dog is as comfortable and happy as you. With all of your needs taken care of, you're free to explore the wonders of Scotland with your dog.


Best Scotland holiday cottages that are dog-friendly

Many travellers these days are in need of an accommodation that will also welcome their favourite 4-legged friends and family members. Many dog-friendly holiday cottages are available in Scotland that will allow you to see all of the sites with your furry friend right at your side. You can save money on dog boarding to spend on family attractions like Jurassic Parrr or Dino Park. You can take your pet along when you travel around to see medieval castles like Glamis Castle, Tantallon Castle, Stirling Castle, or Drumlanrig Castle. You can even visit the legendary seat of Arthur in Edinburgh. Arts and cultural museums also beckon, such as the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum. You'll even find historical sites that feature interactive, kid-friendly attractions like costumed actors. Always be sure, however, that when you bring your dog along to a peaceful Scotland rental cottage, you're sure that the attractions you want to visit are also okay with your furry friend.


Find cabins that are dog-friendly around Scotland

When you book a cabin, you'll find yourself close to the surrounding nature in a way that other accommodation options simply can't replicate. A cabin offers warmth and comfort in addition to relative seclusion, so they're perfect for getting away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Throughout the Scottish countryside, you'll find a wide variety of cabins available including options that feature high-end amenities and others that are more modest and nature-oriented. Among the options, you'll find cabins that are dog-friendly, so you can bring your pup along for the trip to provide the perfect break from the chaos of life.

Luxuriate in pet-friendly lodges to rent in Scotland

If you're looking to holiday in Scotland in style, there's nothing quite like booking one of the local lodges. These accommodation options are state of the art with high-end luxury amenities and convenient locations. You'll find lodges available around some of the most breathtaking natural features as well as destinations near popular cities. Despite their luxury appeal, you can also find lodges that are friendly to dogs. Bring your pup along for the adventure, and you'll have an enduring companion by your side every step of the way to create a truly unforgettable holiday experience.

Discover pet-friendly cottages all around Scotland

Cottages are among the most prevalent rentals available throughout Scotland whether you're looking for something in the city or in the countryside. Cottages come in various sizes, but they typically offer a more quaint and cosy holiday experience with all the comforts you'd expect from home. You can even bring the whole family along thanks to their spacious rooms, and with a pet-friendly cottage, you can truly include the whole family. Dogs are welcome almost everywhere in Scotland, so you can enjoy having your furry companion with you in the city or walking through the countryside.