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Sant' Ambrogio vacation rentals

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Discover a selection of 7 homes and other vacation rentals in Sant' Ambrogio that are perfect for your trip. Whether you're staying in a vacation rental with a group or just with your pet, you'll have the amenities you expect and more, which might include air conditioning and a pool. You'll be sure to find a rental for everyone's needs, including options that are accessible or non-smoking.

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Frequently asked questions

How many vacation rentals are in Sant Ambrogio?

Our current selection of vacation homes in Sant Ambrogio is ${propertiesCount}. It just takes a quick Vrbo property search to securely book your next cottage, villa, condo or whatever kind of vacation rental that suits your style.

What is the most popular type of vacation rental accommodation in Sant Ambrogio?

The most desirable types of vacation rentals in Sant Ambrogio are apartments. Looking for something different? Vrbo has a variety of options to match the needs of our guests, so you'll see vacation properties in loads of sizes and shapes. The perfect fit is ready and waiting for you — get yours today.

How much does it cost to rent a vacation rental in Sant Ambrogio?

The average price for a vacation home in Sant Ambrogio depends on several factors, like property type, length of stay and season. Whether you're dreaming about a sprawling villa with lots of bedrooms or a cozy condo perfect for just you and the kids, just add your travel dates to see stays with amazing value.

How much does it cost to rent a beach house in Sant Ambrogio?

Prices for beach houses in Sant Ambrogio will vary depending on the style and size of the property and time of year you're traveling. Simply enter your dates of travel into Vrbo and the number of guests to view your vacation rental options and prices. From there you can use our filters to refine your search results by ratings, nearby activities, amenities and more.

Are there pet-friendly vacation rentals in Sant Ambrogio?

Good news. There are. You can pick from 195 vacation homes that roll out the welcome mat in Sant Ambrogio on Vrbo. Our furry best friends deserve a getaway too, so simply use our search function for pet-friendly vacation rentals to book a place where your pup can join the fun.

What are popular rental amenities in Sant Ambrogio?

A nearby waterfront, tennis and a barbecue grill rank as the most popular rental amenities in Sant Ambrogio. Whether you're planning to travel alone, with your better half or as a family, Vrbo can help you find a vacation home that matches your tastes with all the options you need.

Are there large group vacation rentals in Sant Ambrogio?

Sant Ambrogio has five vacation homes that can host 10 or more people. These stays come with all the space you need to enjoy good times with your nearest and dearest.

Are there vacation rentals in Sant Ambrogio that welcome kids?

Sant Ambrogio has 193 family-friendly vacation rentals to pick from. And finding a stay that welcomes kids is a cinch with our "Properties good for families" filter. Besides having the whole place to yourselves, you'll get access to amenities and perks like extra bedrooms, kitchens and yards.

What are the top attractions for families in Sant Ambrogio?

Keep your kids occupied at these leading family-friendly attractions in Sant Ambrogio:

  • Pitti Palace
  • Strozzi Palace
  • Galileo Museum - Institute and Museum of the History of Science

Are there one-bedroom vacation rentals in Sant Ambrogio?

Yes, you can choose from 66 one-bedroom rentals in Sant Ambrogio. Whether you'd prefer a cozy cottage or a condo, our one-bedroom rentals are ideal if you don't need huge amounts of space. One of the major perks of having your own place? You won't ever need to share your trip with strangers.

Can I find two-bedroom vacation rentals in Sant Ambrogio?

Sant Ambrogio has 92 two-bedroom properties for you to pick from. Go for a vacation home with all the space and privacy you want at a price you'll love on Vrbo.

Are there vacation rentals with WiFi in Sant Ambrogio?

Take your pick of 49 vacation rentals with WiFi in Sant Ambrogio. If you'd like to disconnect from the world on your vacation, but still want to be connected to the web, these properties have just what you need. Narrow your search by applying the WiFi filter on Vrbo.

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