Great choices for holiday destinations across Europe

Looking for a break but not sure where you should go? Take a look at our holiday destinations in Europe for great ideas for a long weekend or an extended getaway.

The best holiday destinations in Europe might not be what you're expecting

When you think of getaway spots in Europe, new kids on the block include Croatia, a country which has rapidly changed in recent years, especially for hip travellers. Meanwhile, rapid change is something that is not often associated with France's premier wine region and for good reason, as that's just the way the French like it.

Finding that perfect holiday rental in Croatia

Croatia's northwestern capital Zagreb is getting a reputation as one of the best, and most affordable, holiday destinations in Europe. With a burgeoning restaurant and cafe scene, the city is host to dozens of unique restaurants serving traditional Croatian items like cuspajz, a meat and vegetable stew, and knedli, sweet potato dumplings. The city is also known for its open air markets with the Dolac Market being one of the most famous. They're a great place to buy fresh fruit and produce, while snapping pictures and people watching.

Bordeaux's holiday cottages won't leave you thirsty

The wine-producing mecca of Bordeaux, in the Gironde region of France, is known to vinophiles as one of the most sacrosanct areas in the world, producing mostly red wines that fetch among the highest prices on earth. Affectionately known as Petit Paris, the city of Bordeaux has a reputation as a culinary destination with its foie gras and magret de canard found on most local menus. Meanwhile, the city's Rue de Catherine is known for its shopping with a unique mix of eclectic boutiques and high end luxury retailers.

Sniffing out affordable holiday destinations in Europe

As concepts, romance and money are rarely grouped together but that doesn't mean they don't impact one another. So if romance and saving a few pounds are what you're looking for, you might want to head to Spain.

Spanish cottages that won't break the bank in Malaga

Spain's Costa del Sol is known for its wide sunny beaches, a laid back vibe and resplendent nightlife, all proving easy on the pocketbook. Malaga is the largest city on the Costa del Sol and a great spot for access to the beaches up and down the coast. Perhaps best known as the birthplace of Pablo Picasso, the city's Picasso Museum is a must see for any art lover. Likewise, the city's 2 Moorish castles are a big draw with very affordable admission costs.

Ibiza, one of the best holiday destinations in Europe

As sunny destinations go, it's hard to beat the Spanish island of Ibiza. In comparison to other parts of Europe, holiday rentals in Ibiza tend to be more affordable. Known for its nightlife and clubbing scene, Ibiza is also home to one of the wildest Gay Pride parades in the world. If hitting the clubs isn't for you, try the Dalt Vila, the old section of Ibiza City where you can sit at a cafe and eat Spain's unofficial national dish, paella, while people watching. The Dalt Vila also features Ibiza Castle, the city's ancient Roman ruins and walls.

Exploring the best holiday destinations in Europe in October

Not everyone yearns only for summer. As the weather gets cooler, some destinations get distinctly hotter, which is certainly the case in Munich where beer aficionados the world over come for a month long celebration of everything beer. What's more, in the Greek Islands it's the perfect time to catch the local attractions, avoid the sweltering temperatures and miss all the crowds.

When it comes to Ocktober, Munich is the number one holiday destination in Europe

October usually means a turning of the leaves and slightly cooler temperatures, but in Munich it means just one thing – Oktoberfest. For a little more than two weeks, Munich is the centre of the beer drinking universe. The festival is held in the Theresienwiese area and is easily accessible by public transport. Daily events feature bands, parades and fireworks. Hotel space is usually at a premium, so another option is to rent out a holiday home.

Find Shipwreck Beach, one of the most beautiful holiday destinations in Europe

Shipwreck Beach on the island of Zakynthos along the Ionian Coast is considered one of the most breathtaking beaches in Europe. Found in an isolated cove, it's a crowded destination during the spring and summer. By October, however, the crowds are gone but the weather is still warm enough to sunbathe and swim in the sea. Zakynthos is also known for its olive trees and the Aristeon Ecological Olive Press is a local museum that tells the story of how the olive economy has thrived on the island for thousands of years.