Discover the top destinations for road trips in the UK

Embarking on road trips is often an unforgettable experience that lets you explore the country in a unique way. Road trips not only connect you with the major destinations in any area, but they also allow you to experience the space in between. The UK offers many quiet drives in the countryside that are positively scenic as your views overlook long, vibrant stretches of grassy fields. You may even find breathtaking views of the water should your road trip take you to one of England's sparkling coastlines. Learn all about how you can make the most of your British road trip.

Top articles to find the best destinations for road trips in the UK

Top 10 destinations for road trips from London

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When you're looking to embark on one of the best road trips from London, you'll need to consider the destination.

Take a Scotland road trip to see the best of the Northern UK

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If you're looking for culture and adventure as well as deep history, Scotland has it all, from the rolling green countryside of the Highlands to the bustling metropolises of Edinburgh and Glasgow.

Top 10 destinations for a road trip in England

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The most important step when planning the ultimate road trip in England is to choose your destination.

Top 10 destinations for a road trip to Wales

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When you're planning a road trip to Wales, you won't have to look far to find an unforgettable adventure. You can immerse yourself in local culture with a trip to Swansea, or you can enjoy a more relaxing rural experience by making the drive to places like Ceredigion and Denbighshire. The Isle of Anglesey is an option if you're looking for unique places to visit.

Top destinations for a European road trip from the UK

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Being located in the UK puts you in the perfect position to take a road trip to some of the top places in Europe. If you're looking for a city to visit, The Hague and Ostend are among the best options. Those looking for outdoor adventure will find plenty of opportunities as well with destinations like the Italian Lakes and Brittany.

Top considerations when planning a road trip in the UK

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There are several factors to remember when you're trying to plan a road trip in the UK. You'll need to create a route with both primary and secondary destinations, and it's always best to plan your route in a circle to keep the entire trip fresh. Additionally, consider the type of vehicle you want to take and the hire agreement that goes with it if necessary.

Top 10 destinations for road trips in the UK

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When you're looking to embark on one of the best road trips in the UK, there are several destinations that could be perfect. England is home to a wide variety of attractions, especially if you head to an area like Cornwall or North Yorkshire, but that's just the beginning. You can also enjoy the countryside of Scotland or Wales by visiting Caithness or Gwynedd, respectively.