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Searching for the right cottage for you and your travel group? There are rentals of all shapes, sizes and styles to pick from, whether diminutive shacks for 2 or sprawling manors in the English countryside. Then there's the sheer wealth of enticing destinations you could explore, starting with the green dales of Old Blighty and stretching out to the coast of France, Italy and beyond. These guides to all things cottages are here to help when it's time to book.

Pamper your pet in style in a stunning holiday rentals



  • Pamper your pet in style in a stunning holiday rentals

    Dog friendly cottages

    Pamper your pet in style in a stunning holiday rentals

    Your pet is a vital family member, so finding the right holiday rental is crucial. And just like owners, pets have very specific needs and preferences. Browse the following pet-friendly holiday rentals around Europe if you’re looking to travel in style—and even luxury—with your pet this summer. Dog days in the Dordogne, France This secluded…

  • Cheap holiday gites in France


    Cheap holiday gites in France

    If you are looking to escape to the French countryside and enjoy a truly relaxing holiday, taking a rural French gite really allows you to experience the best of France. Nowhere is it easier to sample the cuisine, countryside and culture of France than from a holiday rental gite. You’ll have unsurpassed freedom, letting you…

  • New Year cottage holidays


    New Year cottage holidays

    Everyone relishes New Year and yet, by late December, it’s impossible to shake off that exhausted feeling of having been there, done that and bought the shot glass to prove it. So this December, mix things up: plan a party to remember in a holiday cottage. In a new setting, surrounded by your closest friends…

  • Cheap holiday cottages

    Cottage holidays

    Cheap holiday cottages

    Relaxation comes in many different forms. For some, the best way to empty your head is by lazing on a beach or reclining on a sun lounger with a cocktail in hand. Of course, you needn’t hop on a plane to chill: solace can be found on the couch before the TV or with an…

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