A look at holiday rentals in Spain

The land of tapas and flamenco has long been one of the world's favourite Mediterranean escapes. It packs in islets and scintillating coastlines, all interspersed with fascinating Moorish citadels, grand palaces and thought-provoking galleries filled with works by Picasso and Dali. The sheer abundance of different holiday rentals in Spain, from lux villas with pools to quaint cottages in volcanic mountains, means you can now forge any sort of Iberian adventure you want.

Short term rentals in Madrid


  • Short term rentals in Madrid


    Short term rentals in Madrid

    Spain’s vibrant capital city offers a wide range of holiday accommodation from sleek city apartments ideal for couples on a romantic weekend getaway to spacious, rustic villas perfect for families or large groups of friends. Those looking for holiday rentals in Madrid can expect to pay a premium for properties in the central, highly sought-after…

  • Short term rentals in Palma


    Short term rentals in Palma

    Situated on the south coast of the idyllic Balearic island of Majorca, the historic city of Palma has long been one of Spain’s most desirable holiday destinations. Palma’s eclectic past is apparent in its diversity of architectural styles, with rustic houses, sprawling Spanish villas and recently renovated apartments all available to rent for a two…

  • Villas for weddings in Spain


    Villas for weddings in Spain

    If you have decided to have your wedding in Spain, rather than in your own home town there are dozens of cities to choose from, each with their own charm. Since a wedding is such a major occasion, it is important to be certain you have chosen the perfect place. You will want to choose…

  • Naturist holidays in Spain


    Naturist holidays in Spain

    It’s all very well being happy – if not happier – with your clothes off, but Britain’s not exactly the balmiest place to be doing it. France, lovely; Italy, wonderful; Greece, spectacular. But Spain is also up there with the best when it comes to naturist holidays. Why? It’s warm for much of the year,…

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