Whether you come to join the wave-hailing festivities of Boardmasters in August, frequent the salt-washed surfer bars of Newquay's centre, or hone your skills on the swells of Fistral Beach, Newquay cottages could be just what's required. They can host families and couples alike and come with all sorts of amenities to ensure it's a Cornish escape to remember.

All sorts of Newquay cottages to choose from

Before booking your pad in Cornwall's accomplished surfer hub, be sure to consider exactly what you're after. A range of features and types to think about is listed below.

Newquay cottages with a hot tub

A sure way to balance out the bracing waters of the Celtic Sea is to opt for a Newquay cottage with a hot tub. You'll be able to plunge into the 40-degree waters of your own little Jacuzzi every time you return from the beach. They can also work wonders curing hangovers, just in case it's Newquay's beer-sloshing bars that are tempting you.

Luxury Newquay cottages

Bright, big and airy dining rooms with Victorian or Edwardian design features await in the luxury category of Newquay cottages. These sumptuous stays also often command stunning views of the Cornish coast, with windows opening onto the swells of Fistral Beach or Porth. Inside, you can expect mod cons, like speedy Wi-Fi, flat-screen TVs and up-to-date cooking facilities.

Dog-friendly Newquay cottages

Canine guests are bound to love a jaunt to Newquay's surf-washed beaches and bays. The sands of Fistral are dog-friendly right throughout the year, while cliff walks along to Porth and Pentire mean plenty of places for the pooch to play. Pet-friendly Newquay cottages might charge an extra fee for your pup, which is usually calculated per animal, per stay.

How to get a great deal on Newquay cottages

To stash as many pounds as you can for the aquarium tanks of Newquay and surf lessons on Fistral Beach, you'll want to be sure to follow the 3 tips below.

Secure your booking as early as you can for the summer

Because Newquay is one of Cornwall's best-loved holidaying towns, you'll need to get in early if you want to have the full range of deals to pick from. That's especially true if you're coming to enjoy the rays of the British summer, anytime between June and August.

Come to Newquay cottages in other seasons

Summer isn't the only time to enjoy Newquay's surf culture. In fact, dodging the parties of Boardmasters Festival in August often means getting a lot more beach space for yourself. What's more, there are bound to be smaller queues in the pirate-themed family attractions and the surf schools around September and October, while rental costs can plummet.

Book somewhere away from the centre

You won't have to be in the heart of Newquay to enjoy the action. Cottages in nearby beach towns like Porth are still within walking distance of the enticing aquarium, while anyone with a car will be able to rumble down to Fistral Beach in as little as 15 minutes from inland villages like Kestle Mill. The bonus of straying a little away from the coast is that rates tend to drop considerably.

Where are the best areas for Newquay cottages

Use this handy destination guide to pinpoint exactly what part of this buzzing surf town is best for your Cornish adventure this year.

Be central in Mount Wise

Mount Wise is a roadway that winds around the heart of Newquay. A mix of elegant Victorian townhouses and family apartments pepper its whole length, promising to put you just a stone's throw from the rollicking bars of Beach Road, the swashbuckling adventure attraction of Pirate's Quest, and the acclaimed Blue Reef Aquarium, with its underwater coral walkways.

Newquay cottages on Fistral Beach

There's nowhere better for surfers and budding wave riders to settle in Newquay than along Fistral Beach. With its backing of dunes, the closest you're likely to be able to get is along Esplanade Road and Tower Road, which both come laced with luxurious Newquay cottages with multiple bedrooms, sea views and gardens. Surf shops and yoga studios share the street space.

Families can head to Porth

If you're keen to escape the hedonism of Newquay's promenade and Beach Road, consider focussing your cottage search on Porth. It's nestled in its own bay just north of the centre, where fishing boats crowd a quaint harbourside and historic pubs line the cliffs. Porth Beach doesn't get the same swells as Fistral and is considerably quieter during the summer.