With the fresh scents of country farms and breezy moors to take in, there's rarely a dull moment for pooches in the Peak District. A cottage with a dog-friendly policy in these parts could put you right next to the walking routes. They can also be downright luxurious, with all sorts of added extras and high-end features. In this guide, we'll take a look at what to consider when seeking out a pet-friendly Peak District stay, along with some of the top places to look.

Amenities of dog-friendly cottages in the Peak District

To make that escape to the country a memorable one, for both you and the dog, it's important to bag a cottage with all the right features. This list can help:

Gardens in Peak District cottages

With oodles of pint-sized hideaways in rows of century-old terraces on the menu in the Peak District, it's possible to find rentals that don't have any space outside. That could be fine if you've got the lazy sort of pup that doesn't mind kicking back post-walk. For livelier animals, it might be important to find somewhere with a completely enclosed garden, for runarounds while you're tucking into that Bakewell pudding.

Luxury in dog-friendly cottages in the Peak District

Everyone likes to pamper their pooch now and again, which is where the more luxurious dog-ready cottages in the Peak District come in. Sumptuous lounges where there's always room for the canine to curl up by the fire mingle with large kitchens where you can lay down the dog bed. And that's not even mentioning the design features, though the hearty farmhouse architecture may be lost on your 4-legged friend.

Dog-friendly Peak District cottages with a hot tub

Taking that luxury factor to an all new level are the pet-ready home rentals with a hot tub. They dot the valleys beneath the green ridges of the Peak District, to offer somewhere you can really relax and unwind after a long trek and plenty of ball throwing. It's probably best to keep the dog out of the water, though.

Guidelines for dog-friendly cottages in the Peak District

When the paws are headed for the peaks, there are a just a few extra things to think about when it comes to booking a cottage. Add-on rules and possible fees can sometimes apply to these sorts of stays, so look out for:

Additional cleaning fees

With the chance of dog hairs and leftover treats, it's understandable that many a dog-friendly cottage in the Peak District charges a fee for visiting hounds. It's usually tacked onto the cleaning bill, and is typically calculated per pet, per stay.

How many dogs are Peak District bound?

If it's a party of pooches that are coming to the Derbyshire hills with you, then you might just need to alter your choice of cottage. All pet-friendly places will allow at least a single animal, but many will draw the line there.

Country codes in the Peak District

Springtime heralds the lambing season in the Peak District, when you'll need to be extra careful about keeping dogs on leads as you cross the dales and heaths. There are also a number of bird nesting sites and grazing pastures where your 4-legged sniffer will have to be under tight control.

Destinations for dog-friendly cottages in the Peak District

The Peak District covers a whole swathe of Derbyshire, along with corners of more than 5 surrounding counties. It packs in quaint English villages and high tors alike, which means you can seek out a whole host of destinations to take the dog. Some favourites include:

Dog-friendly cottages in Castleton

In many respects, the grey-stone village of Castleton is the beating heart of the Peak District. Settle in here and you could soon be strolling the hiking paths up to Mam Tor – it's among the park's iconic routes, rewarding ramblers – and pooches – with sweeping views of the verdant High Peak area and its softly-sculpted hills.

Staffordshire's side to the Peak District

Visions of bucolic hedgerows and lichen-speckled walls are what await in the pastoral landscapes on the Staffordshire edge of the Peak District. The villages here are the gateway to the celebrated Manifold Way, which winds past Thor's Cave – where wet noses can smell dank caverns – and charming English taverns with their own dog-friendly policies.

Relax with the dog in Tideswell

Handsome little Tideswell has plenty of dog-friendly Peak District cottages to pick from. It's also just a whisker away from Buxton – the famous spa town that's famed for its fresh spring waters. They might taste especially lovely after a long walk over the Derbyshire Dales.