As a Muslim, it’s important to ensure that your travel arrangements, including food and accommodation, are Shariah compliant, especially if you intend on travelling during the Muslim Holidays. There has been a recent increase in the number of tourism businesses and destinations offering halal products and services. This concept of halal tourism makes it easier for Muslims to travel without neglecting their beliefs.

Eyup Sultan Mosque, İstanbul, Turkey


Turkey is a popular holiday destination for Muslims as it incorporates the best of both the East and the West, largely due to its geographical positioning between Europe and Asia. As a Muslim country, Turkey offers a very wide range of Shariah compliant services, making it an ideal destination for Islamic tourism.

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Sultanahmet, Istanbul, Turkey
Dubai sunrise


Dubai has earned its reputation as a popular holiday destination thanks to its warm climate, clear sea, and nothing short of an amazing array of sumptuous delicacies. Quad-bike riding and sand duning are some of the unique activities that Dubai has to offer. Moreover, it is an Islam-oriented country that caters for Muslims.

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England makes a great travel destination for Muslims due to the growing awareness for the need of Shariah-compliant packages in major hotels and restaurants. Many of the halal certified hotels have gone out of their way to ensure halal food availabilities all year round, in order to cater for Muslim visitors from the Middle East who regularly visit the country. You should also visit  UK based halal holidays community for more information.

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France has recently made significant attempts to accommodate certain elements of the Islamic culture. With 10 percent of its population Muslim, France has readily adopted Islamic banking, and is among the top Islamic banking centres in Europe. Moreover, it has more than enough to offer in terms of breathtaking sceneries and sights, making it a top Muslim destination.

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Mosque, Paris
Great Mosque, Cordoba, Spain


Spanish tourist businesses are currently focusing on Islamic clientele due to the rising number of Muslim travellers visiting from Islamic countries. As a result, more restaurants are also offering halal products, making it a favourable destination to take your Muslim family.

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The Italian government has recently been keen on enhancing its tourism and investment relations with Dubai, which is an Islamic country. To boost its position as a popular UAE tourist destination, the country has gone to great lengths to promote the availability of halal compliant foods. This has led to the rise of halal certified restaurants running private gardens, to produce a wide range of mouth-watering halal foods.

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Greece has a small number of Islamic citizens among its population, with a majority of them being of Turkish descent. As a result, there a few restaurants that offer halal food in major cities. Greece also has beautiful exotic beaches and a rich Islamic heritage, with most of its ancient mosques still intact. This Islamic heritage makes it a great destination for Muslim historical and heritage tours.

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Mosque Schwetzingen Palace, Schwetzingen, Germany


As the most visited European country by Middle Eastern travellers, Germany has seen a significant increase in the number of businesses offering Shariah compliant services. Consequently, it’s a popular destination for Muslims where it’s easy to find restaurants offering halal foods and services.

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