Recent reviews of Portugal villa rentals

Top places for villas in Portugal

  • Albufeira: The southern coastal city of Albufeira is a wonderful resort town for villas in Portugal. Albufeira has become a top holiday destination because of the warm weather that's perfect for a beach trip as well as an emerging nightlife scene. Locals and visitors to Albufeira frequent the marina for fishing excursions or to charter a boat to see dolphins. The beach stretches across most of the town's waterfront, but there are also scenic cliffs jutting out into the ocean that are covered in trees for a lovely dark-green backdrop to the light-blue sky.
  • Vilamoura: On the southern coast of Portugal in the beautiful Algarve region, Vilamoura awaits travellers seeking an unforgettable villa holiday in Portugal. Vilamoura has a rich heritage that allows visitors to experience its historic aspects through beautiful mosaics and the ruins of Roman bathhouses. Yet Vilamoura is also a thriving modern resort town with a world-class casino and huge stretches of sandy beach. Because Vilamoura is accustomed to holiday travellers, it has excellent choices for fine dining, themed bars and holiday activities for families and adults alike. Kids love the dolphin tours, and adults can check out the laid-back and social nightlife.
  • Carvoeiro: Another Algarve coast resort town with a quaint, outdoorsy feel is Carvoeiro, which is a fabulous holiday destination for anyone wanting villas to rent in Portugal. The rocky cliffs and golden sandy beaches that make up the shoreline are visually appealing highlights of the dramatic natural scenery. Carvoeiro prides itself on being a traditional Portuguese resort town, which well-serves the holiday visitors who frequent this coastal paradise. While the coast and city centre get most of the attention, the nearby countryside is ideal for hiking and exploring the unique orange-coloured cliffs that surround the region.

Cheap holiday villas in Portugal

A cheap villa might be the perfect choice for your next holiday in Portugal. When the beach, nightlife and outdoor activities are all available nearby for you to enjoy, your letting doesn't need to be the focus of your attention. An inexpensive villa will give you more freedom to experience the best of Portugal. You may want to take in the history and culture of Lisbon or the relaxing beach atmosphere along the southern coast. Whatever your ideal holiday entails, a cheap villa in Portugal has the comforts to help you unwind at the end of the day to be ready for more fun and adventures.


Luxury villas to rent in Portugal

Your perfect Portugal holiday is available when you let a luxury villa. A luxury villa rental in Portugal offers you the finest comforts and amenities to indulge in on your holiday, such as spacious bedrooms with balcony access and a fully equipped kitchen for the pleasure of self-catering meals. To accompany your sophisticated tastes, you may prefer a modern, minimalist style, or perhaps you'd more enjoy vintage accents. In either case, a high-end villa provides you with the refined luxury that you know you deserve. You especially won't want to skip out on luxury when you let a beach villa with breathtaking views.


Villas in Portugal with a private pool

A villa in Portugal is what dream holidays are made of. You can enjoy your ideal holiday even more when you rent a villa with a private pool. A pool is the perfect complement to a spacious and luxurious villa, offering a place where friends and family can gather for fun and relaxation in the water. Even if you let a beach villa or are otherwise near the coast, a private pool is still an excellent way to enjoy the sun and cool off on a summer day. Grab a drink and get a tan with a private pool.