Recent reviews of Florida villa rentals

Top villa destinations in Florida

  • Florida Gulf Coast: One of the top spots to enjoy a Florida villa on holiday is along the Florida Gulf Coast. Stretching from Naples to Pensacola, the Gulf Coast is an almost endless stretch of sandy beaches and palm tree-covered resorts. Many travellers looking for a Gulf Coast holiday will enjoy staying near the Fort Myers and Cape Coral area, whether on Boca Grande or Sanibel Island, where you will find a beautiful mixture of beaches and forested wetlands in a lovely display of nature. If you like a bit of nightlife on your holiday, Panama City and Pensacola are good destinations.
  • Orlando: You can have a family-fun holiday to one of the top amusement destinations in the world in Orlando. Cheap or luxury Florida villas are both great options to experience the wonder and adventure of Orlando. The city is jam-packed full of entertainment parks for families and top-notch nightlife spots for adults who want a bit of fun. While Orlando is a bit inland and not right on the coast, the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico are an easy day trip away, and Orlando has a number of water parks for having fun and splashing around on a hot day.
  • Kissimmee: Another popular central Florida holiday destination is Kissimmee. Florida villa rentals are abundant in Kissimmee, and this is a top spot for golf and family fun. Kissimmee is in an ideal location to enjoy the amusement parks and adventures that are available in Orlando. The proximity to Orlando also means you'll likely find top-notch villas for a great price. Kissimmee has plenty of amazing attractions in its own right as well, such as swamp tours to see Florida wildlife up close and Old Town Kissimmee with its world-class shopping and dining. Kissimmee is also lovely for a romantic getaway.

Cheap holiday villas in Florida

You can find endless amounts of outdoor adventures and entertainment in Florida. For that reason, a cheap villa is a great choice for maximizing your freedom to enjoy your holiday. A cheap villa still offers a spacious and comfortable holiday stay, but you don't have to miss out on family fun worrying about the cost of your accommodation. You might look for a villa near the world-class amusement parks in Orlando or a beach villa in the heart of the Miami nightlife, and a cheaper option offers the freedom to see and do what you want on your Florida holiday.


Luxury villas to rent in Florida

There is no better way to experience a Florida holiday than by staying in a luxury villa. A villa is like a holiday house but with an air of luxury and style. A luxury villa takes comfort and indulgent amenities to a whole new level. Whether you want an exciting beach villa or a secluded estate to feel rejuvenated, you can find the perfect holiday rental in Florida. One of the charms of a luxury villa is having a fully equipped kitchen for enjoying self-catering meals. You'll also appreciate the modern bedroom and bath features.


Villas in Florida with a private pool

There's nothing quite like escaping the hot Florida sun in a private pool in the backyard of your holiday villa. Whether you opt for an ocean villa or one on the Gulf, you can enjoy the family fun of a private pool to splash about in and have an unforgettable time. A villa with a private pool is great for a holiday with friends as well, as you can grab a few drinks and hang out poolside while you watch the daylight fade. A dip in your private pool is great for unwinding after a long day of fun entertainment.