Disney condo rentals within easy reach of the theme parks

Disney condo rentals within easy reach of the theme parks

There’s a reason Walt Disney World in Orlando is among the most popular vacation destinations in the world. With 4 theme parks, 2 water parks, and a whole host of shopping and entertainment options, it’s the kind of magical place that the whole family can keep coming back to year after year. While you’re there, why not base yourself out of a great condo within easy reach of the park? There are loads of condos for rent near Disney World, and whether your priority is luxury or affordability, there’s bound to be something that suits your needs.

Luxury condos near Disney World

There are some seriously indulgent condos near Disney World, and if you’ve got a decent budget to play with then you could bag yourself loads of great amenities. Luxury condos near Disney World will usually offer a range of pools and fitness facilities, and they may also have golf course access, so you can practice your swing. The on-site restaurants and bars will also tend to be a cut above those in other condo resorts. As an added bonus, many of the best condos are within Disney World itself, meaning you can be first on the rides when the park opens.

Cheap condos near Disney World

If your funds won’t stretch to the really luxury places, don’t worry. There are lots of more affordable Disney World condo rentals on offer, and most of the time they’ll still offer a surprisingly good range of amenities. For example, if you’re within a resort, then you’ll probably still have pools, gyms, restaurants, and bars, and there will often be a shuttle service to get you into the parks. Condo rentals a bit further out from Disney World can be a bit cheaper, and this might not matter much if you’ve got a car and plan to visit other attractions in the area too.

Condos near Disney World with a free shuttle

Condos near Disney World with a free shuttle

While many folk will drive to their Disney World vacation rental, if you’ve arrived by plane then there’s no need to rent a car unless you’re planning to explore the surrounding area. There’s an extensive network of shuttle services in the Orlando area, and the Disney shuttle service will ferry visitors to all corners of the park for free, including all the various official hotels and resorts. Not only that, but many of the outside condo communities offer their own shuttles to get you in and out of the main park. These are usually either included in the rate of your accommodation, or are relatively cheap, making them a great alternative to dealing with a rental car.

Disney World vacation rentals by owner

If you’re looking to get the best deals on accommodation near Disney World, then it’s definitely worth looking into renting a Disney condo direct from the owner. There are thousands of privately-owned condos in the Orlando area, and in many cases the owners live in the property for part of the year and rent it out for the rest of the time. Not only are you liable to get great rates by renting direct from the owner, but if it’s their own home then they might also have some of those awesome insider tips that can take your Disney World vacation to the next level.

Themed vacation rentals near Disney World

A themed bedroom with Mickey and Minnie Mouse bedding and wallpaper

If you really want to get into the Disney spirit, why not opt for a themed vacation rental? Many condo owners with vacation rentals near Disney World have decided to spruce up their properties by designing the different rooms around different Disney characters. It might be a Mickey and Minnie-themed lounge, a Nemo-themed outdoor pool, a kitchen with Minions all over the cupboards, or a primary bedroom fit for Sleeping Beauty herself. You get the idea. Renting a themed condo can be a great way to inject a bit of extra Disney fun into your vacation, especially if you’ve got the kids along.

Locations for condo rentals near Disney World

If you’re looking for condos near Disney World, you’ve got a few options. For starters, there are several resorts within the park itself, and while these might be a bit more expensive, they can’t be beat for convenience. There’s also a good number of rental condo resorts very close to Disney World’s entrance, and these might give you the best of both worlds: cheaper rates but the ability to get into the theme parks quickly. If you don’t mind being slightly further afield, you could consider a condo in Downtown Orlando. Not only does this lush, smart city boast plenty of attractions of its own, but it’s also handily located for Universal Orlando Resort.