Recent reviews of Devon pet-friendly rentals

Top regions for dog-friendly holidays in Devon

  • North Devon District: North Devon is mainly grazing land for local varieties of sheep and cattle but for the holiday traveller it still has much to offer. From rugged cliffs to romantic misty moors and golden beaches, North Devon caters to any desire. Walking trails and pet-friendly beaches make North Devon an ideal destination for travelling with your dog year-round. Finding a place to stay won’t be a problem here; there is a wide range of dog-friendly B & Bs, hotels and cottages that will welcome your pup. Even the restaurants are dog-friendly with a full stock of treats and water bowls at the ready. North Devon is ready for both 2- and 4-legged visitors.
  • Woolacombe: Dog owners will be thrilled when they choose a holiday in Woolacombe. There are numerous dog-friendly cottages in this part of Devon near the beach along with plenty of fun activities in the area. Woolacombe Beach is a gem for holiday visitors who want their dogs to enjoy the trip too, as running along the water and making new friends while digging in the sand are great fun for kids and dogs alike. Pubs in Woolacombe are happy to welcome your pup, as are local parks and places to stay. Holiday cottages in Devon are quite dog-friendly, especially in Woolacombe.
  • Dartmouth: In Dartmouth, everyone knows that dogs need holidays just as much as humans do. Leaving your furry friend behind is no fun so choosing a dog-friendly holiday cottage in Devon will make your break even more enjoyable. Your dog will sleep well at night after fun days of splashing around on Dartmouth’s beaches, chasing butterflies in the countryside or touring around on a river ferry. You can even take your dog on the Dartmouth Steam Railway and into many area pubs, where you'll both be welcomed when you cross the threshold looking for sustenance. The Dartmouth area is a great choice when looking for a dog-friendly holiday in Devon.

Cheap dog-friendly cottages in Devon

Finding cheap, dog-friendly cottages in Devon is fairly easy as there are many available. Delightful holiday cottages in Devon often include amenities for dogs despite low prices, and may already be stocked with water bowls and beds, making it easier to travel with your dog. Look for cottages in Devon near one of the many dog-friendly beaches to give your pup a different experience and the chance to feel the sea air in his fur. A cottage in the forested countryside will be fun for walking and exploring, and it's generally in these areas where you can find classic cottages that are quite affordable. Working farms and charming stone cottages all provide a unique holiday that is easy on the purse.


Luxury pet-friendly cottages in Devon

You’ll find 4-legged fabulousness when you look for luxury pet-friendly cottages in Devon. Dog-friendly cottages in Devon are just as clean, stylish and well-appointed as pet-free properties. Your dog will be quite spoilt when he arrives at his home away from home that may include heated kennels, cosy beds and plenty of space to run and will make your holiday even more thrilling for your pooch. Travelling with multiple dogs is also easy in Devon since there are many large luxury cottages that can accommodate more than 1 pet. Finding a dog-friendly cottage in Devon near the beach will not only give you an exquisite experience where you stay but also where you play. An early morning romp across the sand with your dog is sure to start your day off in the best possible way.


Explore dog-friendly Devon cottages

Dogs can be among the most important members of any family, so they deserve a holiday experience, too. Fortunately, there's no shortage of dog-friendly Devon cottages that you and your pup can enjoy. While dog-friendly cottages tend to be on the more affordable side, you can still find several luxury options suitable for you and your furry friend. Many dog-friendly cottages are located near breathtaking outdoor attractions you can enjoy together with your pup, like Dartmoor National Park and Blackpool Sands, so adventure will never be too far away.


Bask in luxury dog-friendly lodges in Devon

Local Devon lodges are among the best places to book your stay if you're looking for a more refined experience. Lodges by their nature tend to feature more luxurious amenities like a full kitchen, WiFi and even a private hot tub in a lot of cases. While luxury accommodation options that welcome pets can be hard to find, you'll discover quite a few dog-friendly lodges in Devon. When you book one of these properties, you can enjoy high-end features and the company of your furry friend in between your outings to all of Devon's best attractions.

Rejuvenate at a beautiful B&B that's pet-friendly in Devon

When you book your stay at a B&B, you get to enjoy a relaxing night's rest and a delicious breakfast in the morning that will leave you energized and ready to tackle the day in Devon. The best part about a lot of local B&Bs is that they're dog-friendly, so you can bring your pup along on the trip. With your furry companion at your side, you can spend your evenings relaxing in the comforts of the rental and venture out the following day with a full belly. Even your dog may be able to chow down if the B&B you book offers additional snacks for your pup.

Discover cosy cottages that are dog-friendly in Devon

Whether you're visiting the cliffs, Heathland or one of the numerous market towns in Devon, you won't have much trouble finding a suitable cottage for your holiday. Cottages come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, so it's easy to find one that best fits your desired holiday experience. There are cottages suited for romantic outings while other larger rentals are perfect for bringing the whole family along. No matter what kind of holiday you're looking to enjoy, you can find cottages in Devon that are dog-friendly. Bringing your pup along to walk the cliffs and the coast of Devon can make for an unforgettable experience.