Find ideas and inspiration for Quebec vacations

Extremely rich in natural beauty and French culture, Quebec is is chockfull of charming cottage country towns that welcome millions of visitors every year.

Best Beaches in Québec to Beat the Heat this Summer


Visit the best beaches in Québec for a great summer vacation. Plan your next getaway at one of these sandy escapes near Montreal or Quebec City!

Things to do in Charlevoix, QC


Established as the Canada's first ever resort community, Charlevoix is a must-visit location in Canada—check out our guide to things to do in Charlevoix before you go!

Make lasting memories with a Quebec City vacation


Located in Canada’s French-speaking province of Quebec, Quebec City is a spectacular travel destination with an array of cultural attractions, historic sites, dining experiences, and outdoor fun. Take a look at the best accommodation and activities for inspiration for a Quebec City vacation with friends, family, or on your own.