Create memories in a unique tree house

Suspended above the treetops in a lush jungle environment, a Costa Rica tree house rental puts you in the heart of the landscape for a unique retreat. Offering an off-beat charm and rustic experience, booking a tree house for your retreat gives you a chance to enjoy beautiful views and get in touch with nature, whether you want luxury, fun for the kids, or a quiet space to enjoy on your own.

Who are tree houses for?

From fun with the kids to a romantic vacation, a tree house is suitable for all types of travellers. If you’re looking for a unique stay, see what you can find with a tree house rental.

Romantic couples

If you’re looking for a romantic retreat, a secluded treehouse in the jungle is the ultimate in privacy for couples. Tree houses include a lot of the same luxuries as hotels and resorts, such as modern creature comforts like a hot tub and fireplace, along with beautiful decks to look out over the lush landscape. Surrounded by just the sounds of nature, a romantic tree house gives you a chance to spend quality time together and get away from the hustle and bustle.

Families with kids

What could be more exciting for a kid than staying in a cool tree house on vacation? Tree houses come in virtually every size and variety, ensuring you have all the space you need for the whole family, along with play areas in the outdoors, hammocks, and unrivalled access to wildlife. Tree houses can be found close to the beach or near other kid-friendly attractions as well, so you can be sure the kids will enjoy every minute of the trip.

Nature lovers

Whether you choose a luxurious tree house or a rustic hideaway, a tree house is the ultimate in getting back to basics. You can relax on the deck and look out into the verdant jungle and catch glimpses of wildlife. At night, there’s nothing better than kicking back and gazing up at the stars. If you’re planning adventures in the outdoors, having a tree house gives you unbeatable access to the wilderness.

Features and amenities

From hotel-like amenities to rustic retreats, tree houses come with a variety of amenities and features that enhance your vacation experience. From eco-friendly water and lighting to luxurious cabin features like a hot tub or fireplace, take a look at what you can find from tree house rentals in Costa Rica.

Luxurious options

With amenities like spiral staircases, multiple deck levels, full electricity, working fireplaces, and a hot tub, a tree house provides the same decadence as staying in a cabin, cottage, hotel, or lodge. You can be as pampered as you wish on your retreat while still enjoying the natural surroundings and a simple escape.

Natural surroundings

Nothing is more peaceful than being surrounded by the stillness and quiet of nature. With a tree house, you couldn’t get any closer to the natural environment for the ultimate in relaxation. You can wake early and enjoy nature walks to sit on the deck and watch for wildlife or just lounge in the hammock while the sun shines through the trees.


While you can book a luxurious tree house, there are plenty of eco-conscious and sustainable options that provide more of a rustic camping experience. You can book a cozy tree house with an outdoor bucket shower, a wood-burning stove, solar string lights, and other energy-saving features. Even with a more extravagant rental, tree houses find more creative uses for space than sprawling houses on large stretches of land.