Find popular Kawartha Lakes apartments for rent

People who summer in Kawartha Lakes generally do so to get outdoors and experience nature. It’s a popular destination for cottage goers, and day-trippers alike. There’s so much fun to be had out on the waterways of the several lakes that make up the chain of Kawartha Lakes. In addition to aquatic fun, there’s also plenty of sightseeing and hiking for your enjoyment, all accessible from Kawartha Lakes apartments for rent.

Beauty from your Kawartha Lakes apartment rental

The Kawartha Lakes cover a lot of area, but no matter where you stay, you will be surrounded by or close to natural beauty. Whether you’re already an active outdoors person or looking to become one, this is a great part of the province for you.

Provincial parks around Kawartha Lakes

You will have several provincial parks to choose from when visiting the area nearby Kawartha Lakes apartments. Queen Elizabeth II Wildlands Provincial Park is a non-maintained habitat with great hiking and scenery, where you’ll get to see several different species in the wild. Emily Provincial Park and Balsam Lake Provincial Park are both fully maintained parks during the summer, with numerous activities.

Boating around the Kawartha Lakes

Not everyone gets around by walking or driving and in the Kawartha Lakes area, some people get around by boat. The Trent-Severn waterway system has multiple lochs to help you traverse the lake and there are plenty of places to dock if you want to stop and take a look around, enjoy some shopping, or perhaps take in a show at the Academy Theatre.

Interesting museums around Kawartha Lakes

Take a step back in time when you visit the Kawartha Settlers Village from your Kawartha Lakes rental. Long ago it was a thriving family farm and now it's a collection of buildings and artifacts to give you a glimpse of life from the pioneer days. Another place to visit if you want to learn about the old days is the Horseless Carriage Museum, which touts itself as “Purveyors of Mechanical Antiquities.”

Discover additional fun in winter

While Kawartha Lakes may be thought of as a summer destination, it's not the only season when you can have fun in and around the lakes. You’ll often see it busy during the winter months, especially during cold and snow-filled winters, when visitors use the Kawartha Lakes as their playground.

Seek out winter trails

There are plenty of different winter trails around Kawartha Lakes rentals that appeal to hikers, snowshoers, cross country skiers, ATV and snowmobile riders, and more. You can spend hours outside, having the time of your life, and making great memories. With all these fun activities, you’ll be able to convince anyone that winter is a great time of year here.

Enjoy frozen lakes in the colder months

Kawartha Lakes provides just as much amusement in the winter as in warm seasons. Skating, hockey and ice fishing are all popular on the local frozen lakes when it's chilly out. If you’d rather stay off the ice, you can still experience the beauty of the lakes and the scenery surrounding them from your apartment in Kawartha Lakes. Bring your camera and take a stroll as you experience nature as not enough people get the opportunity to.