Choose your luxury Belize resort destination today

You can't go wrong picking any Belize resort, as they offer some of the most unique views of the Caribbean. Beautiful tones of blue and green fill your eyes with wonder. You'll feel calmer the moment you step in this stunning country. There's plenty of rich marine life off the coast in the Belize Barrier Reef and wildlife in the dense jungle farther inland. With no shortage of things to do and see, the best resorts are on the coast of Belize. Enjoy unique archaeological ruins and the fascinating history of this small Central American country.

Belize resorts are rich with Mayan culture

A hot spot of historical culture, Belize resorts offer many benefits to their visitors. You can learn about one of the largest ancient civilizations whose capital city was not too far from Belize City. The Mayan people built many marvellous structures just minutes away from your resort. Of course, being off the effervescent Caribbean ocean means you're in for unforgettable sunrises over the water.

Your private oceanfront penthouse awaits

With 5 balconies, luxury has never felt so good as this oceanfront penthouse. Its 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms are more than enough to accommodate a group or a family. You'll be fighting for the master with its 3 balconies, one facing the ocean directly. With this rental's full eat-in kitchen and a massive living space, you barely have to leave. Enjoy your private views and the beach that's just steps from your kitchen.

Umaya Resort & Adventures

Enjoy a vacation like no other at Umaya Resort & Adventures. This resort boasts high-quality amenities, exposed beam ceilings, and unforgettable ocean views. Whether you're looking to enjoy the cabanas, beach, or your own privacy, this resort has you well covered. You've got your own oversized private balcony, a full kitchen, and incredible pools just out the door. Enjoy your own slice of heaven just steps from the ocean and the endless activities at your doorstep.

Unique adventures await at the best resorts in Belize

The coastal country offers unique heritage, stunning landscapes, and phenomenal oceanside living as its greatest assets. Step back in time at unique Mesoamerican archeological sites, or live your best life on the beach; there's no judgment here! The country offers much in the way of hospitality and local eateries. You will be coming back year after year to soak up the history and culture.

Visit the Caracol Mayan Ruins

The largest Mayan city ever excavated, Caracol is a destination you can't miss on your trip to Belize. Located south of San Ignacio, Caracol is actually larger, geographically, than even Belize City. The site has over 35,000 buildings that add to the grandeur of this ancient location. Not far from the border of Guatemala, this is a must-not-miss destination on your next trip to Central America. The ancient city was once home to a very powerful people, and you can feel that in the unique atmosphere.

Lamanai Mayan Ruins are another must-see

Located in the northern part of the country, another large Mesoamerican archaeological site is Lamanai. The ruins have a unique history surrounding their name. The name translates to "submerged insect," but it is believed that the name has been diluted over the years and is meant to have roughly translated to "submerged crocodile," or "Lam'an/ayin," an homage to the many figurines and representations of crocodiles at the site. It also happens to be one of the oldest sites in Central America that produced copper goods for trade.