Finding a relaxing beach holiday

Whether you’re escaping the cold weather in your hometown or you’re looking for white-sand beaches and crystal-blue waters for sun and surf, beach holidays are one of the most popular holiday options for couples and families. Fortunately, you’ll discover many options to make your beach holiday a memorable one.

Beach hut

If you plan to visit a beach and spend most of your time on the sand and in the water, a beach hut is a great option. Beach huts are found at popular beaches and offer practical accommodation for bathing, sleeping and eating, making them a British seaside tradition. These huts often have beautiful ocean views, large party decks and shady areas, allowing you to enjoy the salty breeze of the beach up close. Vrbo offers a variety of beach hut rentals ranging from small, inexpensive shanties to bungalows with an island feel and modern amenities, so you can find the ideal accommodation near your desired beach destination, whether that’s a tropical island or an affluent coastal town.

Beach house

If you’re travelling with a family or a group of friends, a beach house will give you the space, privacy and amenities you need to make your trip unforgettable. Beach houses not only have multiple bedrooms and bathrooms, as well as full kitchens, but they can also come with high-end amenities, such as balconies, pools and seaside views. Vrbo offers a diverse array of different beach house rentals in some of the most desirable locations, such as party houses in Miami Beach and secluded homes on Ibiza’s stunning coast, allowing you to find the perfect option for your destination and budget. No matter where you want to go, there’s a beach house rental that puts you right in the sand.

Beach holidays in Italy

Italy has many exciting beach locations, ranging from traditional seaside spots to beaches with an array of historic attractions or seafood restaurants. If you’re exploring beach holidays in Italy, one of the top locations is Puglia, with its sandy beaches, translucent water and beach-shack restaurants. San Fruttuoso is another popular spot, due to its idyllic cove, relaxing beaches and medieval abbey backdrop, as well as Tropea, a quiet, classic town with restaurants and shops that overlook the gently shelved sandy beach. These French beaches offer ample relaxation or fun for couples, families and the solo traveller, and Vrbo has abundant luxury and value-driven options for beach huts, beach houses and beach cottages in these popular locales.

Cheap beach holidays

Beach holidays are popular options for travellers, especially those on a budget. No matter how tight your budget is, you can still plan an enjoyable beach holiday that stretches your dollar, especially with the rates available on beach rentals from Vrbo. You’ll find many cheap rental properties in some of the most popular and frequented beach locations in the world, ensuring that you can get the most out of your beach trip. Whether you’re looking for a thrill-seeking beach in an exotic location or you prefer a slow, relaxing beach with friendly locals, cheap beach holidays are a possibility with the cost-effective beach houses and huts for rent on Vrbo.

Sunny beach holidays

Those looking to escape the winter or soak up the rays will love the sun-soaked beaches and hot climates of the Bahamas, Mexico or the British Virgin Islands. If you prefer exotic locations and bright sunshine, you can choose from many rental options for sunny beach holidays. Vrbo offers beach houses and huts in many of the most popular sunny beaches, giving you the ideal accommodation for your beach rest and relaxation. Whether you want to unwind at a secluded beach with coral reefs and blue-green water, like the Caribbean, or you prefer the flat, endless coastline and waters of Barbados, finding the right accommodation is just a matter of searching for properties near your destination.

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