The city of Hamilton is a popular port destination in Ontario with much to do for families of all kinds. Whether you have young kids or everyone is mostly grown, you'll still find plenty to do within Steeltown, The Ambitious City, The Electric City, or whatever other name you want to give to Hamilton. The secret to success is finding things to do in Hamilton with kids that will work for your family's unique interests. Take a look at the top Hamilton attractions for kids, and discover which ones would work best for your vacation itinerary.

1. See sports history at the Canadian Football Hall of Fame

At the Canadian Football Hall of Fame, you'll find sports memorabilia from Canada's greatest players throughout history pristinely maintained and displayed to illustrate the fascinating history and story of the sport. You'll find 2 primary categories for entries in the hall of fame. Players are actual players who seriously impacted the game, but you'll also find builders recognized. Builders are defined as anyone who made an outstanding contribution to the sport in a capacity other than as a player. Additionally, you'll find educational programs here set up for kids from K-8 aged.

2. Relax among the vibrant plants at the Royal Botanical Gardens

When you and your family visit the Royal Botanical Gardens, you'll find an array of vibrant greenery along with colourful plants that are sure to delight. You'll find 5 unique cultivated garden areas that are home to more than 2,400 different plant species, with over 50 of those at risk. Additionally, 27 kilometres of nature trails permeate throughout the area that are easy to traverse, letting your family embark on an adventure that's met with natural beauty at every turn. Of course, what specifically is in bloom will depend on the season you visit, so plan accordingly.

3. Step back in time at the Dundurn National Historic Site

The Dundurn National Historic Site is a unique destination that transports visitors back to the 19th century where you'll find historic buildings and even staff here in period clothing. You and your kids can gain valuable insight into what life was like for Hamiltonians of the time, in addition to the specific role this Italianate-style villa played in the local area's history. Don't forget to check out the garden as well, where staff grow more than 200 heirloom varieties of crops, including herbs, fruits, vegetables and flowers. Touring the garden is free in July and August.

4. Visit the well-preserved Bell Homestead National Historic Site

At the Bell Homestead National Historic Site, you'll find yourself at the home in which Alexander Graham Bell first invented the telephone back in 1874. During your visit, you can learn all about the man and his incredible contribution to modern technology as we know it. Not only will the exhibits and artifacts here cover the man's life, but they also showcase how his legendary invention has changed throughout the years, eventually turning into a computer in your pocket. Many of the exhibits are interactive as well, so your kids are sure to enjoy that.

5. Go skydiving indoors at iFly Toronto

iFly Toronto is one of your best options if you're looking for thrilling kids activities in Hamilton. Skydiving is understandably intimidating for many people, but this indoor skydiving facility takes all worries away, offering thrilling fun without any risks. This facility features an indoor wind tunnel you can enter that mimics the sensation of skydiving. Everyone can participate with one of the trained instructors here, including children as young as 4 years old. They even have extensive experience working with aspiring flyers with physical disabilities, so no one is left out.

6. Jump around at Flying Squirrel Sports

Flying Squirrel Sports is a massive indoor trampoline fun park that's entirely indoors and packed full of endless fun for your little ones. There are plenty of trampolines around, of course, but you'll also find special attractions like the climbing walls and the dunk hoops to add a bit of variation to your visit. There's even a kiddie court section designed for younger kids. More competitive visitors may be interested in the battle beams, which are long beams set up over pits of foam blocks where your family can spar each other on top with soft-touch padded batons to see who can avoid falling off.

7. Splash around at Wild Waterworks

When your family visits Wild Waterworks, you can enjoy a thrilling experience at a high-quality water park with a variety of rides and attractions to explore. You'll find several waterslides that are perfect for members of your family looking for high-speed fun, but you'll also find a lazy river that you can float down in a tube. Don't forget to check out Little Squirt Works if you have smaller kids in your family, as that's the special section for particularly young kids. Of course, you'll also find a heated wave pool here as well as fountains and mist sprays.

8. See exotic animals at Twin Valley Zoo

When you're looking for animal-oriented family activities in Hamilton, you won't have to look further than Twin Valley Zoo and its host of exotic animals from all over the world. You'll find species you may be familiar with, like wolves, bears and cougars, but you'll also find animals like zebras, lions, lemurs and gibbons. This zoo features a reptile room and a petting zoo area where you and your kids can get up close and personal with animals like goats and sheep. This zoo is home to fascinating birds as well, including a full aviary section, peacocks, hawks, flamingos and cranes.

9. See big cats at Killman Zoo

Killman Zoo is most widely known for its population of big cats, though you'll find a few other animals here as well. The star of the show is the pride, which is one of the largest lion families in all of Canada. They're all African lions with roars loud enough that they can be heard from just about anywhere in the park. For a bit more extreme experience, you can visit during an actual feeding to see these ferocious beasts in action. This zoo is also home to big cats like jaguars and cougars, but you'll also find smaller cats like bobcats, lynxes and servals, which are part of an African species that looks similar to a standard house cat albeit slightly bigger and with spots and longer legs.

10. Embark on the African Lion Safari

The African Lion Safari is an unforgettable drive-through wildlife park where you'll find more than 1,000 exotic birds and animals that roam freely throughout the game reserves. The animals here are free to interact with the other animals, and you'll be able to see it all from the safety of a safari tour. While you'll find lions here, as you might expect, you'll also find quite a few birds, including several owls, a shrike and the Ferruginous hawk. The staff here is dedicated to conservation to the point where this safari has been internationally recognized for its success.

11. Play games at Putting Edge

One of the most popular things for kids to do in Hamilton is playing games at Putting Edge. This indoor facility features 2 central attractions, which are mini golf and the arcade. You'll find a blacklight course with colourful surroundings on the mini-golf course that's as fun as it is challenging. Of course, you can always visit the arcade as well, where you'll find a variety of different video games, both retro and some of the latest releases. Additional games can be found here as well, such as air hockey and pinball. No matter where you go, however, everything maintains the glow-in-the-dark aesthetic the facility is known for.

12. Find fun outdoors at Bronte Creek Park

Families visiting Bronte Creek Park will find plenty to see and do, especially if they're looking for some outdoor adventure. Hiking and biking are the most popular activities here, with trails maintained and easy enough for kids and adults alike to find fun among them. This park is also home to vibrant greenery and fascinating wildlife that you may see during your visit. Don't forget to check out the historical sights here and gain valuable insight into the history of the park and the Hamilton region as a whole.

13. Take a trip to the countryside at Puddicombe Estate Farms, Winery & Cider

When you visit Puddicombe Estate Farms, Winery & Cider, you can take in the picturesque countryside around Hamilton with breathtaking scenery and vibrant greenery. Your kids are sure to enjoy the numerous scenic walking paths throughout the area, in addition to the orchards here where your little ones can pick their own apples. Additionally, you'll find a market here where you'll find variousin-depth locally grown foods that always tend to taste better than their processed counterparts. Additionally, you'll find a winery here where the adults in your family can try their famous Vinifera grape creations.

14. See the serenity of Ball's Falls

Ball's Falls is a breathtaking waterfall in Twenty Valley by Hamilton where you'll see breathtaking waters among scenic cliffs and vibrant greenery. There's far more to the area than just the waterfall, however, as you'll also find a quaint hamlet atmosphere in the surrounding area that's well-maintained with a working flour mill, lime kiln and blacksmith shop. Your family can even learn more about the local area by visiting the interactive exhibits in the visitor centre along with exhibits focusing on nature and conservation.

15. Explore history at the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum

The Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum offers an in depth look at the history of aircraft from the Canadian military dating back to World War II. While much of the museum features books, manuals, periodicals and other artifacts related to the history of wartime aviation, the most popular part of this museum is the collection of aircraft. With nearly 50 aircraft on-site, you and your little ones can get an up-close look at these fascinating machines that have all once taken to the skies. Additionally, you'll find flight simulators here, which let you get in the pilot's chair in a virtual setting and take to the digital skies regardless of your skill level.

16. Enjoy endless fun at Playdium

Playdium is a multi-use fun center where you'll find a variety of games available that the whole family can enjoy. When it comes to Hamilton attractions for kids, this one might have the most diverse selection available. You'll find an entire bowling alley within that's a popular favourite, but that's only the beginning. This facility also features a full arcade packed full of thrilling video games, including retro classics and some of the latest releases. Don't forget to check out the high-tech virtual reality games as well that can seemingly transport you to another world entirely. Many of the VR games require multiple players, so your family can still play together rather than having to take turns.

17. Explore the history of natural gas at the Canadian Drilling Rig Museum

When you and your family visit the Canadian Drilling Rig Museum, you can gain valuable insight into the fascinating history of natural gas drilling in Canada. Inside, you'll find multiple displays showcasing numerous artifacts from the history of drilling, including an actual full-size rig you can see. The exhibitions about drilling tools are fascinating, showcasing fascinating design and engineering feats that made drilling as efficient as possible. Additionally, you'll find testimonies from workers who worked the drills, letting you know what it was like for the people actually on the ground during drilling operations.

18. Take a ride on the Halton County Radial Railway

At Halton County Radial Railway, you'll find a museum of electric streetcars and several other railway vehicles showcasing the rich history of transit in the Hamilton area and greater Ontario. Several of these old railway vehicles are still operational, so you can take rides to experience what it's like to travel in these transit engineering masterpieces. The exhibits here are quite comprehensive showcasing photos and other memorabilia from the history of railcars in Canada. The oldest railcar on display dates back to the late 19th century making it more than 100 years old.

19. Explore the industrial revolution at the Hamilton Museum of Steam & Technology National Historic Site

The Hamilton Museum of Steam & Technology National Historic Site is an iconic destination for families looking to explore the emerging technologies of the industrial revolution and discover how they influenced the development of Hamilton and Canada. Inside, you'll find 2 steam-powered water pumping engines that weigh 70 tons each. These engines are among the oldest Canadian-built engines that you'll find anywhere. You can explore the museum at your own pace, or you can opt for a guided tour that offers even more insight into the fascinating past here.