Montreal is known as Canada's cultural capital and comes with a wide variety of incredible things to see and do. When you're travelling with the family, it's important to find attractions that everyone can enjoy regardless of their interests. Fortunately, this Quebec city has much to offer whether your family is interested in music, culture, history, or the great outdoors. Take a look at the best things to do in Montreal with kids, and discover the best that this iconic city has to offer your family's next vacation.

1. Ride the rides at La Ronde

One of the most traditional family activities in Montreal is Six Flags La Ronde where you'll find thrilling coasters and exciting rides with something for the whole family. You can enjoy high-speed thrills as well as themed coasters that comic book fans especially will love. If you have particularly young kids, you can still find plenty to do with rides designed for children and entertaining shows you can enjoy. Not everything has to be a high speed looping roller coaster, though this theme park has no shortage of that too.

2. Explore the nature in Montreal Biodome

The Montreal Biodome is a fascinating attraction that's home to more than 4,800 animals and 750 different kinds of plants. It features 4 unique ecosystems where you and your family can learn all about the native flora and fauna there. You'll even find a sub-Antarctic exhibit that's particularly popular with kids, thanks to the population of playful and friendly penguins that have made their home there. Of course, the insectarium is popular as well, thanks to the sheer diversity of creatures on display.

3. See the animals at Granby Zoo

Granby Zoo is home to more than 1,000 animals from all over the world specifically focusing on species that live outside of North America. That means you can see incredible creatures from South America, Asia, Africa, and Oceania more than anything else. These include lions, meerkats, tigers, zebras, and even wallabies. Kids will especially enjoy the more interactive experiences like the stingray touch tank and baby goat feedings. You can even embark on a camel ride here if you're feeling particularly adventurous.

4. Test your courage on the Montreal Ghost Walk

If your family is feeling brave, you may want to check out the Montreal Ghost Walk. On this guided tour, you can travel through the hauntingly fascinating atmosphere of Old Montreal and hear stories that are as spooky as they are interesting. None of the stories are particularly inappropriate for kids who are at least 12 years old, but you should look into the details before taking anyone younger. Additionally, the tours are available in both English and French. Private group tours are available all year, but the regular season of tours lasts from May to November.

5. Sate your sweet tooth at Juliette et Chocolat

Juliette et Chocolat is an incredible chocolate bar where you can enjoy rich hot chocolate and various other desserts. The hot chocolate here is incredibly varied, offering more than 30 different varieties, including white, dark, and milk chocolate prepared using several different styles. The different kinds of chocolate on offer make it easy to customise what you want. With desserts like crepes also available alongside spiked hot chocolate for adults, this is often a must-visit stop for any family travelling to Montreal who's looking for something sweet to sip on, especially during winter.

6. Learn at the Montreal Science Centre

When your family visits the Montreal Science Centre, you'll find a wealth of knowledge available throughout their exhibits, including hands-on interactive displays that your kids can learn from. Various aspects of science are covered here, so it's a must-visit destination if you have any aspiring astronomers or biologists in your family. Several of the exhibits are set up to be interactive with supplemental material like games and films available. This museum even has its own IMAX theatre where you can watch full-length documentaries about science topics.

7. See a show at the Centaur Theatre

At the Centaur Theatre, you can see an unforgettable live performance put on by the local theater company focusing on English language plays. The plays can vary quite a bit, with some original productions and other adaptations of beloved classics, including some Shakespeare work. Your kids will especially enjoy the puppet shows put on quite regularly here most Saturday mornings, so it should be easy to fit into your itinerary. Whatever you see, you can be sure that the stories this theatre strives to tell will focus on expanding perceptions of the world.

8. Go skating at Atrium LE 1000

If your family is interested in ice skating, you'll find everything you need at the lively Atrium LE 1000. Located indoors, this skating rink is available all year long, and you can still enjoy the sum thanks to the rink's glass dome ceiling. You can stop by for a general skating session, or you can book a special time slot for your group if you prefer. They even offer skating classes if you or your little ones have never actually been out on the ice before and want a professional's help.

9. Catch a game at the Percival Molson Memorial Stadium

Sports fans likely already know about the Percival Molson Memorial Stadium. Here, you'll be able to find the home of the Montreal Alouettes, a Canadian football team that's won several Grey Cup Championships throughout the years. You can also catch a game of ultimate disc, as the Montreal Royal team calls this stadium home as well. Just be sure to see what's in season before you try to visit the 25,000-seat stadium here.

10. Explore the talent at Place des Arts Junior Theatre

At Place des Arts Junior Theatre, you'll find live shows that the whole family can enjoy. While there are plenty of theatres throughout Montreal, this one is like a one-stop-shop for a variety of different genres with plenty that's appropriate for young children. The genres on display here include standard plays, dance, concerts, puppetry, circus arts, storytelling, and even cinema if you're interested in just sitting back and watching a movie. Just make sure to keep an eye out for their junior series, as not everything they produce would be interesting to kids.

11. Take in the view at Montreal Tower

The Montreal Tower is one of the most iconic landmarks in the entire city. It reaches heights of 165 meters while extending out at a 45-degree angle. This unique setup creates a striking and instantly recognizable appearance giving credence to its masterwork architectural structure and design. It takes about 2 minutes to get to the top in the funicular, but once you're there, you'll be met with an incredible view that stretches out to the distant horizon. You can enjoy a 360-degree viewpoint that lets you see up to 80 kilometres out on clear days.

12. Embark on an Amphibious Bus Tour

The Amphibious Bus or Amphibus Tour can take you and your family on a unique journey that shows off some of the best spots in town from unique perspectives. While it starts as a standard bus tour, it will eventually drive directly into the St. Lawrence River to continue the tour from the water. The bus is outfitted with all the tech necessary for a smooth land-to-water transition, so you can enjoy a bus ride and a boat ride, all without ever having to get up.

13. Splash around at the Aquadome

The Aquadome is an indoor swimming facility designed specifically with families in mind. You'll find various swimming areas within, including a deep end for adults and teenagers, along with shallow waters better suited for young kids and swimmers who simply don't want to worry about staying afloat. Additionally, you'll find therapeutic jets available here alongside 4 total slides for some high-speed fun.

14. Explore the local culture at the Montreal Memorial Center

If you're looking to immerse yourself in the local culture, there's nothing quite like the Montreal Memorial Center. Known as the MEM, this memorial center consists of 3 floors of exhibits and collections of items you won't want to miss out on. Each exhibit is designed to be a part of the larger whole, showcasing the city's impressive history. You'll find various images and visual effects implemented alongside the numerous artifacts, many of which are personal testimonies of people who lived in this massive city.

15. See a historical site at Chateau Ramezay

Chateau Ramezay is a stunning historical site more than a century old, and it was the first building in the province to be designated as a historical site. Within its French colonial-style design and garden, you and your family can jump to the past, exploring a plethora of different exhibits and multimedia portrayals of historical figures and events. You'll additionally find guides who can offer additional information to visitors with special lessons for children. These are also all conducted in historical clothing for that added bit of authenticity.

16. Walk among giants at the Redpath Museum

It's not uncommon for kids to love dinosaurs, and you can see some impressive displays about these enormous reptiles at the Redpath Museum. The star of the show here is the Gorgosaurus libratus skeleton and the Triceratops skull that can make you feel small when you stand directly next to them. Additionally, you'll find other historical artifacts here, including Egyptian mummies, for a bit of variety among the dinosaur exhibits. Don't forget to check out the kid-friendly discovery workshops as well.

17. Travel to the stars at the Cosmodome

The Cosmodome is a fascinating attraction that the whole family can enjoy, especially if you have any aspiring astronauts among your kids. You'll find a wide range of exhibits and displays here showcasing all the intricacies and challenges of space travel as well as potential solutions once the technology is sufficiently advanced. For a more interactive experience, your little ones can participate in astronaut training and even a simulated space mission.

18. See a circus show at TOHU

At TOHU, you'll find incredible circus performances with a traditional 360 degree circular hall with a diameter of 40 meters reaching heights of 22,45 meters. Up to 1200 people can sit in the audience as well, so this is the most traditional kind of circus experience you'll find in the area. While the performances are certainly entertaining, this facility also hosts numerous events that let your kids get involved, including art classes and workshops designed to cultivate creativity among your little ones.

19. Explore the scenery at the Lachine Canal National Historic Site

The Lachine Canal National Historic Site is an incredible destination that lets you and your family explore an impressive canal outdoors. The route is 13.5 kilometres long in total, but you don't have to traverse it all to appreciate what it has to offer. Instead, you can simply walk or bike along the parallel paths along the banks. Alternatively, you can step onto a boat and travel on the canal itself. Plenty of tours are available if you want your journey to be as informational as it is serene.

20. Visit the past at the McCord Museum

The McCord Museum lets visitors immerse themselves in the Canadian past with artifacts and exhibits that date back to the late 19th century in many cases. You'll find photographs as well as art, toys, and clothing from centuries past. Kids will especially enjoy their visit, as they can enjoy the opportunity to dress up and take pictures in period clothing. They also hold free family Sunday events that are especially helpful if you're travelling on a budget. Many of the exhibits are interactive with touch and play boxes as well.

21. Take it easy in Mount Royal Park

Mount Royal Park just might be the most iconic park in the city, as it was designed by the brains behind Central Park in New York City. You'll find 200 hectares of space with plenty of activities for the whole family to enjoy, whether you're looking to go on a hike or ride bikes along the trail. You'll find plenty of open spaces for picnics or frisbee games, but that's not all. This park also contains Beaver Lake, a tranquil bit of water perfect for paddle boating.