Getting your Folly Beach rental

Getting your Folly Beach rental

The summertime getaway of choice for the city slickers of Charleston, Folly Beach can be combined with a history odyssey through the cobbled lanes of the French Quarter and the colonial-era sights of South Carolina’s oldest town. A mere 20 minutes from its center, the town buzzes from May to August, drawing in all sorts with its heritage lighthouses, its white-tinted sands, its fishing piers, and a whole mix of amazing Folly Beach rentals.

Great features and styles of Folly Beach rentals

There's a gorgeous view of the pristine beachfront from this yellow-painted condo

Get ready to be wowed by the sheer wealth of different shapes, sizes, styles, and types of Folly Beach vacation rentals. Whether you’re looking for somewhere that’s within earshot of the waves or want a modern condo that bursts with creature comforts, there’s bound to be something your style.

The feel of the oceanfront

Ashley Ave and Arctic Ave combine to create a salt-washed stretch of shoreline where the condominiums, apartments, quaint Southern cottages, and villas all have stunning ocean views. If you’re searching for somewhere romantic – this is the place to look. If you want to wake to the crash of the waves and the call of the gulls – this is also the place to look.

Need a private pool?

You’ll need to decide between a shared pool and a private pool when you come to pick that deluxe vacation rental in Folly Beach, SC. The smaller, beach-bungalow homes come with their own compact swimming spot, which is likely to be tucked into a tropical yard under the shade of leaning palmettos. Others are part of complexes, with a communal pool ringed by deck chairs.

The joys of Folly Beach condos

One style of accommodation that really stands out from the crowd in Folly Beach is the condominium. For starters, they are versatile lodgings that could be perfect for a loved-up couple, but could also have enough bedroom space for a whole family. Then you factor in the shared extras. There are some with swimming pools, some with spas, some with game rooms – the list goes on.

An area guide for booking Folly Beach, SC, rentals

A sun room with chairs and tables, all overlooking wetlands

Get to know your way around Folly Beach with help from the pointers below. They go from the salt-washed avenues by the Atlantic to the wide waterways and bayous behind, all in the hope of revealing a corner of the resort you’re going to absolutely fall in love with.

In the buzz around Center Street

Let the good times roll down on Center Street. It’s the beating, bouncing hub of the whole resort, running amok past surf-and-turf kitchens, sizzling seafood grills, sports bars, Tex-Mex taquerias, and ice-cream parlors, culminating at the happening Folly Beach Fishing Pier on the coast. A condo or small cottage is the way to go in the surrounding blocks.

Arctic Avenue for ocean-view homes

Pining after a pad that puts you right by where the waves roll in? We can hardly blame you. And there are lots to pick from, too. Head down to Arctic Avenue – don’t worry, it’s hardly arctic in the summer – and shore up a place that lets you skip out of the back door and straight past the dunes to the beachfront.

Peace and quiet at the Turn of River

Skip away from the vibrant shoreline and the promenades and there are the calm and collected coastal inlets that splinter off Folly Creek to discover by Turn of River. They are speckled with slick homes that have wetland gardens and even their own boating jetties, all surrounded by bird-flying reserves and sloshing waterways.

Cheap Folly Beach vacation rentals – hunting for great deals

Palms lurch high over a little pink-tinged cottage

There’s always a bargain or two to be had in Folly Beach rentals. You’ve just got to know how to find them. Thankfully, the handy hints below can help you do just that. They offer up a few snippets of info on how folk score the lowest rates in the best locations.

Summers see rates soar

Rates, just like the daytime temperatures, go haywire in the summer in Folly Beach. You’ll find that the cost of any accommodations you’ve got your eye on can creep up quickly as May turns into June. That’s why loads of budget-conscious travelers will prefer a trip in September, when there’s still sun but prices are considerably lower.

If you see a bargain – book a bargain

Hesitating on any bargain you uncover in the Folly Beach area, particularly during the summertime, is a dangerous business. There are 1000s of Charlestonians who are looking for just the same deals, and crowds of visitors coming from further afield. That means you’ll want to secure your wallet-friendly package ASAP if the opportunity presents itself.