Recent reviews of Cape Cod rentals with pools

Enjoy Cape Cod beach rentals with a pool

In the warm summer months, nothing beats having a Cape Cod beach rental with a pool. Private pools give you a quiet place to swim and sunbathe away from the sand and crowds of the beach. On a romantic retreat, you and your partner can enjoy a refreshing swim together without prying eyes. If you're bringing the kids, a pool is a safe, enclosed space for them to swim while you relax and dip your feet in the water. Many vacation rentals in Cape Cod are available with pools, including cottages, cabins, apartments, and beach houses, so you can get the accommodation you want without missing out on this exciting amenity.

Cape Cod house rentals featuring pools

With so many beaches along Cape Cod, a pool might seem unnecessary, but sparkling swimming pools can be found at many vacation rentals all around Cape Cod so you can take a break from the busy beach and relax in privacy. Great for exercising or making memories as a family, a swimming pool gives you options. Harwich and Dennis Port feature many rentals with gorgeous pools for a poolside cookout or party. Most rentals have comfortable and attractive outdoor furniture and some have the added bonus of a hot tub. Your family will thoroughly enjoy having access to a pool when they’re ready to take it easy for a day on Cape Cod.