Nova Scotia is one of Canada's 3 maritime provinces and has some of the most appealing views of the Atlantic coastline. Nova Scotia has a rich history that can be traced back to France's first settlement in North America. Holiday travellers have the chance to visit the remains of the Port Royal settlement and other heritage sites. Nova Scotia is also known for a number of festivals that occur throughout the year, such as the Celtic Colours and Halifax Comedy festivals. Its proximity to the Atlantic means there is a fantastic culinary tradition of fresh local seafood.

Retreat to a Halifax bed-and-breakfast

Halifax is a lovely city for a holiday, as you can share in the historical experiences and enjoy the peace and adventure of the area's nature parks. Halifax is a historic city, and the star-shaped Citadel is its most popular heritage site. You could also explore other coastal heritage sites or head down to the sandy beach for a day of summer fun. Autumn is another great time to holiday in Halifax, as the leaves are changing colours and you'll find a host of fall activities.

Visit Cape Breton from your B&B

The island of Cape Breton is a popular holiday destination. The landscape of Cape Breton is stunning, with forested seaside cliffs and pebbled beaches that contrast with weathered fishing vessels. Summer and autumn are especially great times for a holiday on Cape Breton, whether you plan to enjoy the beach with family or take a romantic coastal drive through the yellow, orange, and brown colours of the changing season.

Enjoy Mahone Bay from a B&B

The town of Mahone Bay on the southern shore of Nova Scotia is the ideal holiday destination for a B&B to get away from a busy life and relax in this secluded community. Mahone Bay has a small population, and that makes it perfect for enjoying the peace of a slower pace, whether you're heading to your favourite local restaurant or meandering around a rocky jetty to take in the picturesque Atlantic views. Boat enthusiasts enjoy Mahone Bay, as it is slightly inland from the major breaks of the Atlantic yet also gives you access to the open ocean.

Wolfville bed-and-breakfasts

On the northern edge of Nova Scotia inside the Minas Basin lies the town of Wolfville. This seaside community has Victorian-era houses to tour, many nature paths to explore, and a downtown area from an era gone by. Wolfville is near wine country, which means you are never without some of the finer enjoyments of life. Each summer, holiday travellers pack into Wolfville for the unique and popular Mud Creek Days.

Holiday in Chéticamp

To experience an authentic fishing village in Nova Scotia that's as lively as it is historic, you should plan your next holiday in Chéticamp. Chéticamp takes pride in its simple beauty of rocky coastline and roads that wind through a sea of rolling green hills. Holiday travellers can see local artists' works in the Acadian Museum, and antique enthusiasts will appreciate local shops and boutiques that reflect the daily life of Chéticamp settlers.