Plan your next retreat with a Stratford bed and breakfast

Located on the Avon River in Ontario, Stratford is a fun-filled city that boasts a rich cultural and historic appeal. The city is home to a variety of gardens, theatres, museums, and galleries, giving you no shortage of things to see and do. With a Stratford bed and breakfast rental, you can experience the charm of the city with a personalized stay.

Who are Stratford bed and breakfast rentals for?

From historic attractions for families to cultural experiences for couples, there’s something for everyone in Stratford. Whether you’re planning a trip for the kids, a romantic retreat, or a solo adventure, here’s what you can find near Stratford bed and breakfast rentals.

Nature lovers

Though the city has numerous attractions for sightseeing, Stratford is surrounded by tranquil natural spaces for outdoor and nature lovers. You could explore places like Lake Victoria and the T.J. Dolan Natural Area to enjoy the outdoors and see the native wildlife. Plenty of bed and breakfast rentals are available in Stratford that give you access to the parks, lakes, and waterways for a chance to reconnect with nature on the trip.

Romantic couples

If you’re looking for romance and a chance to bond with your significant other, a bed and breakfast in Stratford is a great option. During your trip, you can see places like the Shakespearean Gardens, Gallery Stratford, and Shane Norrie Contemporary, as well as restaurants and parks. With a bed and breakfast, you’ll enjoy a personal touch and a chance to mingle with other people during your stay, as well as peace and quiet to enjoy time together.

Families with children

Stratford is filled with kid-friendly places to explore on your trip, such as Upper Queen’s Park Stratford, the Stratford City Hall National Historic Site of Canada, and the Stratford Festival Warehouse, as well as outdoor places for fun and adventure. Family-friendly bed and breakfasts in Stratford put you in the heart of the area for a range of family activities and experiences to make the most of your trip.

Features and amenities

Bed and breakfasts are a popular option for travellers in a new destination. A bed and breakfast offers a variety of experiences that are different than staying in a hotel, such as themes, historic charm, personalized service, and interaction with other travellers. Take a look at what you can expect from Stratford B & Bs.

Personalized experience

Bed and breakfast rentals typically have fewer guests than hotels and larger resorts, giving you a more personalized experience on your trip. Over your stay, the innkeepers can get to know you and make suggestions, provide better service, and help you make the most of your experience. They also have fewer guests to worry about, so you can have more individual attention if you need something.

Scheduled activities

Bed and breakfasts often include scheduled activities and events for the day, such as tours, craft workshops, cooking demonstrations, and more, which is perfect for a first-time visitor or family with kids. Having a schedule not only gives you options to fill your itinerary, but it also introduces you to new attractions and hidden gems you may have missed otherwise. If you choose not to participate, you can still speak to the innkeepers and fellow travellers for suggestions and ideas.

Breakfast included

With your booking, a bed and breakfast provides you with a home-cooked breakfast each morning. You’ll typically dine with the rest of the house and the innkeepers, so you can socialize with your travelling companions and learn more about the area. Because they're local, bed and breakfasts also have a wider variety of breakfast dishes, local ingredients, and creative recipes than a hotel with a complimentary breakfast option. If you prefer to dine alone, you can skip the communal morning meal and have your meal delivered to your room as well, so you can enjoy some peace, quiet, and privacy during the trip.