The best cabin rentals in Newfoundland that show off The Rock

Newfoundland is known around the world for its breathtaking natural features, stunning views, and historical sites. While there are plenty of ways to get close to Newfoundland's natural splendor, nothing offers an experience quite like a quality cabin rental. Cabins are designed with outdoor adventure in mind. They're often located in more isolated locations surrounding you with nature, while still offering all the modern amenities you've come to expect from any kind of accommodation option. By booking one of the best cabin rentals in Newfoundland, you can enjoy an experience that showcases the best this island has to offer while still providing all the comforts of home.

Book a cabin rental by Cape Spear

If you like the idea of a quiet and isolated vacation experience, Cape Spear may be one of the best places in Newfoundland to visit. When you book a cabin rental here, you'll find yourself as far east as the western hemisphere goes. You'll find breathtaking views of the ocean as well as the historic lighthouse in the area. Cape Spear is also one of the best destinations to book a cabin because you can enjoy the isolated and quiet atmosphere while also still being just a few kilometers away from Newfoundland's capital St. Johns.

Harbourside cabin

For travellers looking for a cabin experience that isn't all that far from the city, this harbourside cabin by St. Johns may be the perfect destination. It's located directly on the edge of the Narrows where the harbour meets the Atlantic offering stunning views of the sunrise each morning. When evening comes, you can look out west from the cabin's wrap-around deck and see the sun set over the St. Johns skyline in the distance. There are two total bedrooms in this cabin with enough room for three to sleep comfortably. You can even enjoy a bit of history during your stay as this cabin sits on the very spot where the original Harbour Pilot House once stood.

Discover a cabin rental around St. Anthony

On the northwestern coast of Newfoundland, you'll find the small town of St. Anthony. While the town itself is largely quiet in its own right, you can find even more solace by booking a cabin around the outskirts. One of the more interesting aspects of St. Anthony, however, is the Viking settlement site L'Anse aux Meadows. This marks the location in which Europeans reached the North American continent centuries before Columbus' voyage thanks to the efforts of explorer Leif Ericson. The site here dates back to the early 11th century, and it could potentially be just a stone's throw away from a charming cabin accommodation in the area.

Southwest Pond Cabin

At the tip of the Great Northern Peninsula, you'll find a small collection of relaxing and tranquil cabin accommodations within a secluded wooded area. Book your rental at the Southwest Pond Cabin, and you can enjoy two bedrooms with enough room for four to sleep comfortably. The kitchen is fully equipped, and you can enjoy WiFi and a convenience store just a few steps away without having to worry about excessive traffic. This cabin is even wheelchair accessible. As if that wasn't enough, the L'Anse aux Meadows historical site is just a few short kilometers to the north.

Explore cabin rental options around Elliston

The small community of Elliston is just a small fishing settlement, but the surrounding landscapes are some of the most impressive in the entire province. It's also known as Bird Island Cove, so you're in luck if you were planning on doing any birdwatching. Virtually countless puffins frequent the area in addition to several seabirds. You can even head to the Cape Bonavista Lighthouse just north of town to see a relic from the 19th century. Whatever your goals are in the region, a cabin rental can help you accomplish them in style putting you just steps away from natural walking trails and brilliant ocean vistas.

Romantic oceanfront cabin

If you're looking for a romantic retreat around Elliston, this oceanfront cabin may be the perfect destination. This cosy cabin has room for two and is located just a few minutes' walk from coastline trails and sandy beaches. You can even find yourself in Elliston or Bonavista quickly if you like. One of the most impressive aspects of this cabin is that it's entirely eco-friendly. The lights are solar-powered, and there are large windows that let you take in the beauty of the night sky every time the sun goes down.