See the possibilities with Thousand Islands cottage rentals

Located in the St. Lawrence River along the border between the U.S. and Canada, the Thousand Islands offers a relaxing beach retreat for travellers. The islands boast rich heritage sites, beautiful parklands for recreation, and stunning mountain views, all within reach of cottage rentals. Whether you're looking for watersports, land adventures, or a memorable trip with the kids or your significant other, Thousand Islands cottage rentals offer something for everyone.

Who are Thousand Islands cottages for?

Whether you want to explore shipwrecks or relax on the sand, Thousand Islands is a diverse destination with all manner of things to see and do. Take a look at the types of adventures you can have in Thousand Islands cottages.

Family cottages

The Thousand Islands area is filled with all types of family-friendly activities and attractions, making it perfect for a trip with the kids. You can spend time outdoors enjoying the sights of Thousand Islands National Park, exploring fascinating museums like the Thousand Islands Boat Museum, or just relaxing and swimming on the beach. Plenty of family-friendly cottages can be found throughout the Thousand Islands, giving you additional kid-focused features like entertainment, games, toys, and more.

Romantic cottages

If you're planning a romantic trip, Thousand Islands sets the stage for an intimate and memorable experience with your loved one. In addition to dining and shopping, the Thousand Islands have all types of unique experiences for couples, such as visiting Boldt Castle or Singer Castle or relaxing on the beach by the water at Lake of the Isles. You can find an array of romantic cottages for 2 all over the Thousand Islands for a private and enjoyable time together.

Outdoor adventure

Home to Thousand Islands National Park and just across from New York state parks, Thousand Islands is an adventure playground for outdoor enthusiasts. You can find walking trails, campsites, and rivers for canoeing and kayaking, beaches and bays for fishing, and more, all within reach of cottage rentals. Thousand Islands is also a popular destination for divers, especially with the numerous shipwrecks that lie in the seaway.

Best places for 1000 Islands cottages

From fascinating war-ruin sites to native colonies of herons, the 1000 Islands are a diverse and fascinating group of islands with something for everyone. Take a look at some of the best places for 1000 Islands cottages.

Wolfe Island cottages

Wolfe Island is the largest island in the Thousand Islands and resides entirely within Ontario. The island is home to many unique attractions, including the Old House Museum and the limestone Wolfe Island Town Hall. There's also a golf course and plenty of restaurants and shops on the island. If you want to spend time outdoors enjoying nature, Wolfe Island has an abundance of wildlife like snowy owls, swans, and many species of rare trees and birds. You can find cottage rentals throughout Wolfe Island that suit your needs.

Carleton Island cottages

With its many historic sites, Carleton Island is a great destination for history buffs. The island is home to sites like Fort Haldimand, a ruined fort from the American Revolutionary War, and numerous shipyards for Royal Navy and Provincial Marine vessels. If you want to spend your time sightseeing on the island, you can find plenty of cottages that put you within reach of the best attractions.

Calumet Island cottages

Calumet Island is a great destination for a romantic retreat, thanks to its many beautiful historic buildings. The island is home to the ruins of Boldt Castle, Castle Rest, and other examples of 19th- and 20th-century castles in the Thousand Islands region. Between the dramatic architecture and the beautiful island scenery on the river, Calumet Island offers an idyllic escape for a romantic retreat or solo adventure.