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Discover a selection of 14 homes, 33 apartments, and other vacation rentals in Lower Queen Anne that are perfect for your trip. Vacation rentals offer the best amenities for you and your friends, family, or even pets, like parking and a TV. What you'll find is a rental for everyone's needs, including options that are accessible or non-smoking.

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Frequently asked questions

How many vacation rentals are in Lower Queen Anne?

Vrbo's current selection of vacation homes in Lower Queen Anne is ${propertiesCount}. It just takes a quick Vrbo property search to lock in your next house, condo, cabin or whatever type of vacation rental that suits your style.

What is the most popular type of vacation rental accommodation in Lower Queen Anne?

The most popular types of vacation rentals in Lower Queen Anne are apartments. After something a little different? Vrbo has many options to match our guests' unique requirements, so you'll see vacation properties in lots of shapes and sizes. The ideal fit is waiting for you — get yours today.

How much does it cost to rent a vacation rental in Lower Queen Anne?

The average price for a vacation home in Lower Queen Anne is determined by a number of factors, like season, property type and length of stay. Whether you're thinking about a sprawling villa with space for the whole family or a cozy cottage perfect for just you and the kids, just add your travel dates to see stays that offer great value.

How much does it cost to rent a beach house in Lower Queen Anne?

Prices for beach houses in Lower Queen Anne may differ depending on the size and type of the property and when you're traveling. All you need to do is enter your travel dates into Vrbo and how many guests to view available options and prices. From there you can use our filters to tailor your search by amenities, nearby activities, ratings and more.

Are there pet-friendly vacation rentals in Lower Queen Anne?

There certainly are. Pick from 31 vacation homes that welcome pets in Lower Queen Anne on Vrbo. Our cuddly best friends also need a break, so simply use our search function for pet-friendly vacation rentals to find a perfect property where your puppy can share in the good times.

What are popular rental amenities in Lower Queen Anne?

A garden, mountain views and a nearby waterfront head the list of most popular rental amenities in Lower Queen Anne. Whether you're traveling by yourself, with a partner or a bunch of friends, Vrbo can help you find a vacation home that suits your style with all the conveniences you're looking for.

Are there large group vacation rentals in Lower Queen Anne?

With four Lower Queen Anne vacation properties that can host a group of five or more people, you can bring a few extra family members or friends along. Whether you're planning a casual gathering or a special celebration, Vrbo will help you find the ideal space to match the occasion.

Are there vacation rentals in Lower Queen Anne that welcome kids?

Bring the entire family together for the adventure of a lifetime in Lower Queen Anne at one of our 31 family-friendly vacation homes. A lot of these stays provide conveniences that are great for trips with the kids, such as laundry facilities, multiple bedrooms and pools. Simply check the "Properties good for families" filter and book your favorite.

What are the top attractions for families in Lower Queen Anne?

Keep the kids happy at these fun family-friendly attractions in Lower Queen Anne:

  • Woodland Park Zoo
  • Seattle Aquarium
  • Seattle Great Wheel

Are there one-bedroom vacation rentals in Lower Queen Anne?

Lower Queen Anne has 13 one-bedroom rentals available. Often situated in prime spots due to their compact size, a one-bedroom property is great if you're traveling with a friend or your partner. And with comforts such as laundry facilities and more privacy than a standard hotel, you'll be able to kick back while enjoying this top destination.

Can I find two-bedroom vacation rentals in Lower Queen Anne?

Gather your family and experience complete comfort and privacy in one of the eight two-bedroom vacation homes Lower Queen Anne has to offer.

Are there vacation rentals with WiFi in Lower Queen Anne?

Lower Queen Anne has nine vacation rentals with WiFi, so you can stay connected while on vacation. Simply check the 'WiFi' box in our search filter for a list of properties with this feature. From streaming movies with your family to writing and sending emails, these Vrbo homes make it a cinch to go online.