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Popular destinations for Orange Beach condos and apartments

  • Caribe Resort: Caribe Resort offers condos with full amenities. Here you can enjoy beachfront access and high-end upscale dining establishments with fresh seafood, complimentary boat slips, a marina where you can enjoy private charters, water scooter and kayak rentals, dolphin cruises, and more. The resort features water attractions like indoor and outdoor pools, splash pad, lazy river, and hot tub, and you can also enjoy fitness centers and spa facilities. In addition, your apartment for rent will offer easy access to the restaurants, shopping, and other attractions of Orange Beach. You can even take a trolley service to a nearby beach.
  • Orange Beach East: The eastern end of Orange Beach is home to apartment rentals that offer quick and easy proximity to many of the city's most popular attractions. You can take a trolley, rideshare, or bus, or even walk or drive yourself to attractions like the Orange Beach Indian & Sea Museum, the nature and hiking trails at Gulf State Park, and the Wharf shopping area. You'll also find condominiums and apartments with all the amenities you need, from full kitchens to entertainment options, and to suit any budget, from discount to full luxury. Whatever you need, you'll find apartments in Orange Beach East to suit.
  • Cotton Bayou: Cotton Bayou is a small and secluded beach area and state park located just minutes away from downtown Orange Beach. Condos and apartments here place you just a few feet from soft, white sands, cool ocean surf, and tons of people-watching and other activities. From your apartment near Cotton Bayou, you can take a hand-in-hand walk under the sunset with your loved one or sit on the beach when the sun comes up in the morning. You can lay out and catch some rays, go swimming in the surf, or view marine life with a snorkeling excursion.

Best cheap beachfront condos in Orange Beach

If you're a family on vacation, part of a large group, a couple, or even an individual traveler who's looking to save some money, you'll find outstanding options for budget-friendly condos in Orange Beach. An inexpensive apartment can still offer plenty of comfort with features like laundry facilities, free internet, and even cable TV, but can save you money that you can use to enjoy some of the other adventures in the area, especially if you've got kids to entertain. These apartments for rent put you just a few minutes from places like the Adventure Island theme park that features an erupting volcano, The Park at OWA, or The Wharf open-air shopping and entertainment center. You also find there's plenty to do here outdoors, like hiking the Backcountry Trail or spending time at the Orange Beach Waterfront Park. Cheap beachfront condos in Orange Beach let you relax in sun and sand or enjoy the local attractions, all without breaking the bank.

Top apartments in Orange Beach with an indoor pool

Many people like the beach atmosphere but prefer a more private swimming experience. For these folks, you can find apartments in Orange Beach with an indoor pool. With an indoor pool, you can even take a swim on days when the clouds roll in and it's raining. Indoor pools are great for any time of year. You can head down from your apartment to get some exercise in the morning by swimming a few laps, then enjoy a day out on the town. Day or night, you can take in the attractions of the Orange Beach region and then enjoy refreshments by the indoor pool at your rental apartment.

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