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Discover a selection of 42 homes and other vacation rentals in Palm Harbor that are perfect for your trip. Vacation rentals provide the best amenities for your family, friends, or furry companion, such as WiFi and a fireplace. You'll be able to choose a rental that has what everyone needs, including places that are non-smoking or accessible.

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Frequently asked questions

How many vacation rentals are in Palm Harbor?

Our current selection of vacation homes in Palm Harbor is ${propertiesCount}. It just takes a quick Vrbo property search to book your next villa, condo, house or whatever kind of vacation rental that suits your needs.

What is the most popular type of vacation rental accommodation in Palm Harbor?

The most desirable types of vacation rentals in Palm Harbor are houses. After something a little different? Vrbo has plenty of options to match our guests' requirements, so you'll see vacation homes in lots of shapes and sizes. The perfect fit is ready and waiting for you — discover yours today.

How much does it cost to rent a vacation rental in Palm Harbor?

Different factors determine what you'll pay for your vacation rental in Palm Harbor, like the season, length of stay and type of property. However, all Vrbo homes have something in common — incredible value. Simply add your travel dates to find your perfect fit.

How much does it cost to rent a beach house in Palm Harbor?

When you travel and the size and style of the property will help determine the cost of your beachside escape. Put in your Palm Harbor travel dates to see your options on Vrbo. Looking for basics like WiFi, or perks like a private pool? Use our filters to select the amenities and features you want in your beach house.

Are there pet-friendly vacation rentals in Palm Harbor?

With 18 vacation rentals that welcome four-legged guests, your happy hound can join you on your Palm Harbor vacation. Use our filter tool to search our pet-friendly vacation rentals and find a pad that'll set tails wagging on Vrbo.

Can I rent a house with a pool in Palm Harbor?

Dig out your swimwear and goggles, because there are six houses with a private pool in Palm Harbor. Make a booking at one of these popular vacation homes and every day will be a pool day. Simply enter your travel dates into Vrbo, then use the 'pool' filter to find the perfect place to make a splash!

What are popular rental amenities in Palm Harbor?

A fireplace, tennis and beach sun loungers top the list of most popular rental amenities in Palm Harbor. Whether you're traveling by yourself, with a partner or a bunch of friends, Vrbo will help you find a vacation rental that suits your tastes with a load of extras you'll love.

Are there large group vacation rentals in Palm Harbor?

Palm Harbor has three vacation homes that can accommodate 10 or more guests. These properties come with the space and privacy you need to enjoy good times with family and friends.

Are there vacation rentals in Palm Harbor that welcome kids?

With 18 family-friendly vacation homes available in Palm Harbor, now is a great time to introduce the little ones to the thrills of travel. Just check our "Properties good for families" filter box to discover stays packed with conveniences ideal for vacationing families, like dining rooms, pools, bunk beds and entertainment units.

What are the top attractions for families in Palm Harbor?

You'll find lots of exciting things to see and do with the family in Palm Harbor, such as:

  • Aquarium at Rockport Harbor
  • Texas Maritime Museum
  • Rockport Beach Park

Can I find two-bedroom vacation rentals in Palm Harbor?

Pick from two two-bedroom rentals in Palm Harbor. Give your little ones the second room or maybe fill it with a couple of your best buddies. There's space for whoever's fortunate enough to come along for the ride.

Are there vacation rentals with WiFi in Palm Harbor?

You can pick from seven vacation rentals with WiFi in Palm Harbor. If you'd like to disconnect from the world on your break, but still want to be connected to the web, these getaways are for you. Narrow your search by applying the WiFi filter on Vrbo.

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