Recent reviews of Charleston cabin rentals

Top areas for Charleston cabin rentals

  • Johns Island: Johns Island cabins near Charleston are perfect for nature lovers and outdoor adventurers. Surrounded by beautiful blue water, Johns Island is a popular spot for beach retreats, water sports, boating, fishing, and watching wildlife. With a cabin in Johns Island, you can have the beach and nature at your doorstep to spend as much time as possible enjoying the atmosphere of the land.
  • Folly Beach: Folly Beach is a great place for Charleston cabin rentals. It boasts many attractions for couples and families, such as the shops, restaurants, and amusements of Folly Beach Pier and Center Street. You can also spend time on the area's gorgeous beaches and vibrant wildlife habitats, such as the Lighthouse Inlet Heritage Preserve. Folly Beach is also popular for water sports like windsurfing, surfing, and sea kayaking, so you can take in everything that the area has to offer.
  • Mount Pleasant: With its charming atmosphere and natural beauty, Mount Pleasant is a lovely spot for cabin rentals in Charleston. Cabins are available near places like the Mount Pleasant Memorial Waterfront Park, a lush parkland with a nautical-themed playground, soft-serve ice cream, and plenty of space for picnics. You could hit the trails of Laurel Hill County Park for running or biking, or visit the Old Village District to see stunning historic homes, live oaks, and independently owned shops and restaurants.
  • Morris Island: Cabins in Charleston near Morris Island offer privacy and serenity. The uninhabited island in Charleston Harbor is only accessible by boat, and you can take a day trip to explore historic Civil War sites or comb for shells on the island's beaches. Boating and fishing are also popular on the island, and many tour companies offer excursions to experience its wonders.
  • North Charleston: North Charleston cabin rentals put you between the fun of the city and the relaxation of the country. You can spend time in Charleston to see the sights and attractions before retreating to your cabin to enjoy quiet evenings surrounded by nature. The city has many gorgeous historic sites as well, such as Drayton Hall, Middleton Place, and the Magnolia Plantation and Gardens.

Unwind with cabin rentals in Charleston near the ocean

One of the biggest draws of Charleston is the beach. You have plenty of options for beach areas near the city, such as Folly Beach and Seabrook Island, which boast soft sand and sheltered waters for swimming. With a cabin by the ocean, you can spend as much time as you want enjoying the sun and surf, and there's no better way to end your day than with the sounds of the waves and the moon reflecting off the water.


Indulge with luxury cabin rentals in Charleston

Luxury cabins in Charleston come with lavish furnishings and high-end features to ensure you have a decadent retreat. You can find cabins with features like hot tubs, spa amenities, high-thread-count linens, pools, beach access, waterfront views, and more so you can enjoy a luxurious retreat.


Save with cheap cabins in Charleston

If you're looking for an affordable retreat, cheap Charleston cabin rentals are a great option. You can find budget-friendly cabins with a range of sizes and styles, all equipped with essential amenities. With features like a kitchen and toys and games for kids, you can spend more time in your rental cooking meals and bonding with the family to save on dining out.


Relax with Charleston cabins with a hot tub

Hot tubs are the ultimate way to relax on your vacation. With Charleston cabins with a hot tub, you'll have the privacy of your own space to enjoy a rejuvenating soak with views of the beach. If you're planning a couple's retreat, a hot tub is a great way to bond with your significant other and relax with a glass of wine under the stars.